Mayor Komšić received the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany for introductory visit


The Mayor of Sarajevo Ivo Komšić received today the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany H.E. Christiane Constanze Hohmann for an introductory visit and wished her a successful mandate. Ambassador Hohmann said that she was very impressed with our city and the friendliness of our citizens. “I feel very welcome here” stressed the Ambassador.

Mayor Komšić informed the Ambassador of Germany to Bosnia and Herzegovina about the city’s current legal – constitutional status, powers and financing of the City of Sarajevo, stressing that “despite having very few powers, the City of Sarajevo carries out activities and implements projects which are useful for its citizens”.

The German Ambassador said that the approach of the City Administration is politically brave and also effective, considering that the projects which the City implemented were very visible, especially the projects of building the cycling lane and rehabilitation of the Trebević Cable Car.

Mayor Ivo Komšić, the President of Girona Province Pere Vila and photojournalist Miquel Ruiz paid homage to the murdered children of besieged Sarajevo

Mayor of Sarajevo Ivo Komšić, the President of Girona Province Pere Vila and Catalan photojournalist Miquel Ruiz paid homage and laid flowers at the Monument to murdered children of besieged Sarajevo 1992-1995. This was preceded by a meeting between Mayor Komšić and Manel Vila at the City Administration office. Vila thanked Mayor Komšić for everything that the Sarajevo City Administration had done to ensure that the exhibition entitled “Let us not forget” by his fellow citizen photojournalist Miquel Ruiz is put on display at the City Hall. The exhibition is comprised of 24 photographs from the time of Sarajevo siege, as well as the photographs of Srebrenica, made after the war.

Mayor Komšić expressed his pleasure with the fact that the City of Sarajevo together with Girona Province and Embassy of Spain to Bosnia and Herzegovina had contributed to the organisation of this unique photo exhibition made in the memory of and as a homage to the citizens of Sarajevo, Srebrenica and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“It was very beautiful at the City Hall last night and very emotional. I am pleased that Ruiz was able to attend, who, with his symbolic photographs taken during the war in 1992, sent to the entire world images of not just suffering but also resistance and dignity of the citizens of Sarajevo” stressed Mayor Komšić.


Komšić thanked the governments and citizens of the Kingdom of Spain and Catalonia on the humanitarian aid provided during the war, and for implementing many reconstruction projects in our city after the war.

“Exhibition by Michael Ruiz enabled the reunion of two well-proved friends – Sarajevo and Girona, and we are convinced that we will continue and intensify the cooperation between our two cities”, said Komšić.