Deputy Mayor Skaka received members of the Women’s Group of the Association Bosna Sanjak from Istanbul

Deputy Mayor Abdulah Skaka received members of the Women’s Association Bosna Sanjak from Istanbul, who are visiting Bosnia and Herzegovina. During the meeting they discussed the possibilities of establishing sister relations between a school from Istanbul and Dobrinja Gymnasium with the goal of strengthening ties between Bosniacs in Sarajevo and Istanbul, as well as preserving the Bosnian language among the younger generation.

Furthermore, within the framework of this visit the Women’s Association visited the school for children with disabilities in Sarajevo and donated equipment necessary for work with autistic children.

Based on the agreement made in Istanbul with the representatives of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Department for Culture, Deputy Mayor Skaka suggested the cooperation between Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, City of Sarajevo and Association Bosna Sanjak with the goal of organizing the Sarajevo and Bosnia Days of Culture in Istanbul, and pointed out that assistance of the Association in the organization of this cultural event would be of great significance.

Representatives of the City of Sarajevo and EYOF company presented the program of acitivites of the forthcoming European Youth Olympic Festival to the members of EOC Coordination Committee

The representatives of the City of Sarajevo and EYOF company presented the report on the undertaken activities to date at the General Assembly of the European Olympic Committee in Minsk, as well as future steps with regard to speeding up the activities in the preparation of EYOF Sarajevo and East Sarajevo 2019. Apart from the representatives of the City and EYOF, the meeting was attended by the members of OC BiH headed by president Marijan Kvesić, and EYOG manager Katerina Nicova and member of the EOC Commission Josef Liba.

The visit to the host cities by the acting president of EOC Janez Kocijančić and the members of Coordination Committee, the purpose of which is to determine the progress  of preparations and meet the officials of government institutions at all levels, was announced on this occasion.

Mayor Komšić met with the representatives of Suez Consulting company who are willing to invest in the development of Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Mayor of Sarajevo Ivo Komšić together with the Ambassador of the Republic of France to Bosnia and Herzegovina Claire Bodonyi gave a tour of the City Hall and a welcome reception to the delegation of the French multinational Company SUEZ Consulting, headed by manager Loïc Voisin. The team of Safege Bosnia company – a subsidiary of SUEZ Consulting in Sarajevo –joined in the tour headed by manager Hasan Ibrahimpašić. Mayor Komšić expressed his pleasure for being the host of this respectable company: “Even though this building was built by local companies, the City Hall owes its present splendour to the careful monitoring by the French company SUEZ Consulting”, said Komšić.

Manager of SUEZ Consulting Loïc said that he was honoured to see the results of reconstruction work in the City Hall and that that extraordinary success was the result of joint collaboration of local and French experts.

Manager of Safege Bosnia Company, Hasan Ibrahimpašić said that the City Hall was one of the most interesting buildings, where SUEZ together with local partners and experts conducted monitoring during the construction phases I II and IV, which were financed by the European Union in accordance with European standards and local laws.

According to Ibrahimpašić, Safege company also built five border crossings, including Bijača which is, due to its electronic equipment, the most modern border crossing in the Western Balkans. They are currently working on reconstruction of court houses in Bosnia and Herzegovina with the funds of the European Union.

According to Ambassador Bodonyi, the City Hall is a symbolic building for Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina. “I am very proud of the places that promote French skill and artistry of Bosnian and Herzegovinian crafts”, stressed the Ambassador, adding that the French journalists who accompanied SUEZ to Sarajevo will take back with them the best possible impressions of Sarajevo.

Furthermore, SUEZ Consulting Company has participated in numerous reconstruction and development projects in Sarajevo since 1998 in the fields of utility infrastructure and cultural heritage. This company is interested in the implementation of funds of the European Union, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), European Investment Bank (EIB) and World Bank (WB), and joint investments in Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina. In this context, the plans of SUEZ Consulting in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the upcoming period include preparations for performance in the implementation of projects in the fields of water supply and treatment of waste water, environmental management, and transport infrastructure, and energy efficiency of cities and buildings.

The Ambassador of Iran visited Mayor Komšić on an introductory visit


Mayor of Sarajevo Ivo Komšić received the Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Bosnia and Herzegovina H.E. Mahmoud Heidari. The Mayor wished the ambassador a successful diplomatic mandate in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and expressed the wish for improving the cooperation between IR Iran and Bosnia and Herzegovina. They discussed the upcoming visit to Tehran of the delegation of the City of Sarajevo headed by Mayor Komšić, which will be the first visit of a Mayor to IR Iran after the economic sanctions were lifted.

„We attach great significance to your visit because we are convinced that the cooperation between Sarajevo and Tehran will be the engine to even better, more intense relations between the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Islamic Republic of Iran on political, economic and cultural levels“, stressed Ambassador Heidari, adding that the City Administration of Tehran headed by the Mayor are already making preparations for the visit of the Sarajevo city delegation.

Mayor Komšić stressed the mutual appreciation and great friendship that exists between IR Iran and Bosnia and Herzegovina and their peoples.

„The visit to your capital city will be an excellent opportunity for defining specific future relations and projects, which will be implemented for the mutual benefit of the citizens of our two cities“ said Komšić.

Participants at today’s meeting agreed that the possibilities and needs for cooperation are great, especially in the fields of culture, tourism and communal services.


Mayor Komšić received the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany for introductory visit


The Mayor of Sarajevo Ivo Komšić received today the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany H.E. Christiane Constanze Hohmann for an introductory visit and wished her a successful mandate. Ambassador Hohmann said that she was very impressed with our city and the friendliness of our citizens. “I feel very welcome here” stressed the Ambassador.

Mayor Komšić informed the Ambassador of Germany to Bosnia and Herzegovina about the city’s current legal – constitutional status, powers and financing of the City of Sarajevo, stressing that “despite having very few powers, the City of Sarajevo carries out activities and implements projects which are useful for its citizens”.

The German Ambassador said that the approach of the City Administration is politically brave and also effective, considering that the projects which the City implemented were very visible, especially the projects of building the cycling lane and rehabilitation of the Trebević Cable Car.

Mayor Ivo Komšić, the President of Girona Province Pere Vila and photojournalist Miquel Ruiz paid homage to the murdered children of besieged Sarajevo

Mayor of Sarajevo Ivo Komšić, the President of Girona Province Pere Vila and Catalan photojournalist Miquel Ruiz paid homage and laid flowers at the Monument to murdered children of besieged Sarajevo 1992-1995. This was preceded by a meeting between Mayor Komšić and Manel Vila at the City Administration office. Vila thanked Mayor Komšić for everything that the Sarajevo City Administration had done to ensure that the exhibition entitled “Let us not forget” by his fellow citizen photojournalist Miquel Ruiz is put on display at the City Hall. The exhibition is comprised of 24 photographs from the time of Sarajevo siege, as well as the photographs of Srebrenica, made after the war.

Mayor Komšić expressed his pleasure with the fact that the City of Sarajevo together with Girona Province and Embassy of Spain to Bosnia and Herzegovina had contributed to the organisation of this unique photo exhibition made in the memory of and as a homage to the citizens of Sarajevo, Srebrenica and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“It was very beautiful at the City Hall last night and very emotional. I am pleased that Ruiz was able to attend, who, with his symbolic photographs taken during the war in 1992, sent to the entire world images of not just suffering but also resistance and dignity of the citizens of Sarajevo” stressed Mayor Komšić.


Komšić thanked the governments and citizens of the Kingdom of Spain and Catalonia on the humanitarian aid provided during the war, and for implementing many reconstruction projects in our city after the war.

“Exhibition by Michael Ruiz enabled the reunion of two well-proved friends – Sarajevo and Girona, and we are convinced that we will continue and intensify the cooperation between our two cities”, said Komšić.


Mayor Komšić opened the photo exhibition on Sarajevo and Srebrenica entitled „Let us not Forget“ by Catalan photojournalist Miqel Ruiz in the City Hall this evening

The Mayor of Sarajevo Ivo Komšić opened the exhibition entitled „Let us not forget“ by Catalan photojournalist Miquel Ruiz from Girona at the City Hall this evening. It consists of 24 photographs made during the siege of Sarajevo, as well as the photographs made in Srebrenica during the war. „This exhibition has a historic significance not only for us but for the whole of Europe. Ruiz put it together drawing comparisons between death, life, suffering and joy. That was who we were, we lived through death, life, suffering but also joy – said Komšić and as a token of appreciation presented the Catalan photojournalist with the medallion of the City of Sarajevo.

Thanking the cities of Sarajevo and Girona, and the Embassy of the Kingdom of Spain to Bosnia and Herzegovina for enabling him to present his photo exhibition to the citizens of Sarajevo, Miquel Ruiz, overcome by emotions, pointed out the symbolism of this date. Namely, October 13th 1993 was the date when he first came to war-torn Sarajevo and stayed with the Čolaković family, who helped him to make his photographs as realistic as possible.

President of Girona Province Pere Vila, Minister of Institutional Issues, Foreign Affairs and Transparency of Catalonia Raül Romeva and the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Spain to BiH, H.E. Juan Bosco Gimenez Soriano stressed that Miquel’s exhibition pays homage to the victims of the aggression on Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo, Srebrenica and that it has historical significance for the whole of Europe.

Photographs showing the everyday life of Sarajevo citizens during the war, the destroyed City Hall and resident buildings, Markale, the new grave mounds at the stadium Koševo, little Lana coming back from school, citizens waiting in line for bread…testify to the defiance, survival and resilience of the citizens of Sarajevo, and warn against allowing the horror that Sarajevo went through to repeat itself.


At the end of the opening ceremony Ruiz’s friend Pepe Rodriguez sang Kemal Monteno’s song “Sarajevo My Love”.

The exhibition “Let us not forget” will be on display at the City Hall until October 25th, and after that it will be exhibited in Srebrenica.


Continuation of successful cooperation: Deputy Mayor of Sarajevo on a working visit to ETH Zürich and Matica BiH


The cooperation between Sarajevo City Administration and Urban Think Thank Zürich (Swiss National Technology Institute) whose last successfully organized international symposium within the framework of the project “Reactivate Sarajevo” positioned the city of Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina at the centre of the debate on the future of urban development of the cities from the wider region. The symposium was held as a follow-up to activities which included the first presentation of Bosnia and Herzegovina at the Biennale in Venice this year.

The Symposium was held on September 23rd, 2016 at the City Hall and the host and sponsor of the event was City of Sarajevo with the support of SECO (Swiss National Secretariat for Economic Affairs), SNSF (Swiss National Science Foundation), Embassy of Switzerland in Bosnia and Herzegovina, University of Sarajevo Faculty of Architecture, Matica of Bosnia and Herzegovina and D-ARCH, ETH Zürich.

In continuation of cooperation, from 7 to 9 October, the Deputy Mayor of the City of Sarajevo Abdulah Skaka was on a working visit to Matica of Bosnia and Herzegovina and ETH Zürich.

At the work meeting, Skaka expressed his wish for further development of institutional connections with the aim to cooperate in the future urban and economic development of the city of Sarajevo.

The representatives of ETH Zürich at “Science City” Campus underlined that it is the most modern research institute of this type in Europe. They especially stressed the importance of field work and combination of research and its actual application in space.

The working visit ended with the tour of several urbanism, architecture and technology projects in the city of Zürich, which underwent many different spatial, social and economic changes in the last decade.

Deputy Mayor Skaka thanked the Matica of Bosnia and Herzegovina and ETH Zürich for their hospitality and said that he was looking forward to their visit to Sarajevo.


Champions League trophy was presented at the Sarajevo City Hall

The Champions League trophy was presented today at the Sarajevo City Hall by its ambassador Luis Garcia, the former football star who had won the trophy for Liverpool in 2005. The citizens of Sarajevo, especially children, had a chance to take photographs with the famous Spanish footballer and get his autograph.  They also had an opportunity to take photographs with the legendary trophy.

The UEFA Champions League trophy will stay in Bosnia and Herzegovina from 6th to 15th October, and after Sarajevo the trophy tour will continue in Tuzla (October 8th and 9th), Derventa (October 11th) and Bihać (October 14th and 15th).

This unique event was sponsored by Unicredit Bank in cooperation with the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) Champions League.

Mayor Komšić presented the projects of construction of the city cycling lane and Trebević cable car reconstruction to the participants of the 6th Ljubljana Forum

The Mayor of Sarajevo Ivo Komšić presented the City of Sarajevo’s ongoing development projects to the participants of the Round Table held within the framework of the two-day 6th Ljubljana Forum. In his address Mayor talked about the project of construction of the first cycling lane in the territory of the city of Sarajevo, and about the project of reconstruction of the Trebević Cable Car. “We have launched the construction of the cycling lane according to European standards. This project is the first cycling transport project in the city of Sarajevo. The 14 km long first section, which constitutes one third of the future cycling lane has been completed.

Komšić said that the City of Sarajevo is the implementer of the project of rehabilitation of the Trebević Cable Car. “The City of Sarajevo started the rehabilitation of the Trebević Cable Car, promoting that type of transportation among the public. Trebević Cable Car will be a first-rate transportation system that Sarajevo will get. It will consist of 33 cabins, with 10 seats each, with the carrying capacity of 1.200 passengers per hour. Instead of 12 minutes, the new cable car will travel to Trebević in just 7 minutes 15 seconds. In contrast to the old cable car, the new cable car will not create noise, it will consume less energy, and be ecologically friendly” stressed Komšić.

He added that through the rehabilitation of the cable car, the Trebević Mountain – the once popular resort, and important tourist and recreational centre located in the vicinity of Sarajevo- will once again attract huge numbers of visitors.

Mayor Komšić participates at the Forum on invitation by the City of Ljubljana and Institute GoForeSight (GFS), together with representatives of EU cities, regions, countries and institutions, and entrepreneurs and investors. For two days, the participants of Ljubljana Forum will share their experiences in management and their development visions on the topic: “Future of Cities: Green Cities & Smart Infrastructure”.