Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality delegation paid a visit to the White Fortress and the medical association „BIMA“ in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Mayor of Sarajevo Abdulah Skaka received today the members of the Delegation of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, headed by Ismail Hakki Turunç, Advisor to Mayor. They discussed the specific support of Istanbul, the sister city of Sarajevo, in the field of water supply, disposal and recycling of waste, and assistance to socially disadvantaged people.


Following the reception at the City Hall, the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality delegation accompanied by Mayor Skaka toured the White Fortress, considering that the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality expressed readiness to assist the reconstruction of this valuable cultural-historic monument, during the visit of Mayor Kadir Topbaş to Sarajevo last September.



Representatives of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality have brought with them the preliminary design of the White Fortress, and suggested that a team of experts from Sarajevo pays a visit to Istanbul to develop an action plan for reconstruction of this complex.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Delegation used this opportunity to visit the Medical Association “BIMA”. They promised to provide assistance for reconstruction of the premises of this Association at 4 Bakarevića Street, which has been providing free primary health care to people without health insurance, most of whom are refugees – displaced people who returned to Bosnia and Herzegovina.


“The rooms which need renovation would consist of three multipurpose clinics for children, women and internist examinations, and a surgery, laboratory and pharmacy”, stressed the Association’s president Faris Fočo, Ph.D.

Mayor Abdulah Skaka received the Slovene Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina

Mayor of Sarajevo Abdulah Skaka received today the Ambassador of the Republic of Slovenia to Bosnia and Herzegovina H.E. Iztok Grmek, who congratulated him on his election. During the meeting they discussed the existing cooperation between Sarajevo and Slovene cities, as well as plans for the future. Culture and sport were identified as most important fields for implementing joint activities.


Ambassador Grmek suggested that Slovene Embassy organizes an exhibition on Jožef Plečnik, one of the most famous Slovene architects who designed some of the most beautiful European buildings. It was agreed that the exhibition should be put up at the City Hall during the event „Days of architecture“ in Sarajevo in May.

Stressing the importance of continuation of good cooperation and relations between two friendly cities, Mayor Skaka asked the Ljubljana City Administration for assistence in possible application to EU funds due to their considerable experience.