Sarajevo and Moscow established special relations

The Mayor of the City of Sarajevo Mr. Abdulah Skaka received today the Ambassador of the Russian Federation to BiH, H.E. Petr Ivancov, who congratulated him on his appointment as the Mayor of the City of Sarajevo.

The Ambassador Ivancov informed Mayor Skaka that the Central District of the City of Moscow expressed a desire to establish special relations with the City of Sarajevo. This idea was accepted by both sides and they agreed that formal negotiations between the two cities should start as soon as possible.

The Mayor Skaka pointed out that the City of Sarajevo is open for cooperation with Moscow, through the implementation of cultural, sport, educational and other projects.  “The friendly relation between Sarajevo and Moscow is an indication that Russia is an important partner of BiH” said the Mayor Skaka.


In that regard, the Mayor Skaka suggested that the concert of Moscow Symphony Orchestra should be held in the City Hall in order that the City of Moscow could present itself in Sarajevo.  The Ambassador Ivancov enthusiastically accepted this proposal, and expressed his wish for Russian films to be shown at the Sarajevo Film Festival.

Furthermore, they agreed on the visit of a Russian journalist who is coming to Sarajevo to write an article about the BiH capital, and in that way present the beauty, life and traditions of our city as an increasingly more popular tourist destination in the region.

As for the cooperation in the field of education, the Ambassador of the Russian Federation stressed that the Embassy is currently providing scholarships for around 60 students from Bosnia and Herzegovina, by financing master’s and doctoral studies as well as non-formal education.