City of Sarajevo officials expressed their best wishes for Catholic and Orthodox Easter

The Mayor of Sarajevo Abdulah Skaka and Chairman of the Sarajevo City Council Igor Gavrić expressed their best wishes to all Catholic and Orthodox believers in Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina on the occasion of the upcoming Christian Easter holiday on their behalf and on behalf of the City of Sarajevo.

“We wish you to spend this great holiday – the symbol of new life- in good humour, peace and joy. Let this holiday give hope and encouragement to all people of good will to continue along the path of restoration of trust, mutual understanding and coexistence” emphasized the City of Sarajevo officials in their Easter message.

Mayor Abdulah Skaka expressed his best wishes for Pesach

Mayor of Sarajevo Abdulah Skaka expressed his best wishes for the greatest Jewish holiday Pesach to the president of the Jewish Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina and presidnet of the Sarajevo Jewish Municipality Boris Kožemjakin.

„I would like to express my best wishes for Pesach to you personally and to all Jews of Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina. I would like you to spend the joy of Pesach, the holiday of spring but also of freedom and hope, with those closest to you, friends and neighbours in the traditional spirit  of faith, peace and unity“ stressed Mayor Skaka in his message.