The City Hall will be closed to visitors on 1st and 2nd of May, on the occasion of International Labour Day holiday

We would like to inform you that Sarajevo City Hall will be closed to visitors on 1st and 2nd of May (Monday and Tuesday), on the occasion of International Labour Day holiday.

On Wednesday 3 of May, the City Hall will be open again for visitors. Also please note that from 3 of May, the working hours for visiting the City Hall will be  changed,  and it will be open for visitors every day, from 10:00 to 20:00.

Deputy Mayor Trivić signed the letter of intent on sustainable city transport in Berlin

During his stay in Berlin Deputy Mayor Milan Trivić and the mayors of Podgorica, Tirana, Skopje and Priština signed the Letter of Intent, with the aim that each of the city administrations delivers projects on energy efficient, clean and sustainable city transportation.

The intention of the city administrations is to jointly propose projects, drawing on the experiences of German cities which have developed an efficient city transportation system. The projects should include solutions to the problems of public city transportation, such as traffic jams, longer driving time, effects on the environment – pollution (including noise pollution), increased energy consumption, parking, and creating better infrastructural conditions for building cycling lanes, in view of the fact that citizens are using bicycles as a means of transport much more than the city transport or cars, which is particularly true for Berlin.


The conference in Berlin entitled „Sustainable Urban Mobility in South-East Europe“was organized by the Open Regional Fund for Southeast Europe – GIZ. This development agency, which acts on behalf of the German government will provide technical assistance with the intention to develop this regional project with cities from our region as partners.

First Austrian Ball to be held on May 20th at the City Hall

The Austrian Ball organized by the Embassy of Austria in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with the cooperation and support of the cities of Sarajevo and Vienna, will be held in Sarajevo City Hall on Saturday May 20th 2017 at 20:30 hours. On that occasion, a Press Conference was held today at the City Hall’s Ceremonial Hall where Mayor of Sarajevo Abdulah Skaka and Austrian Ambassador H.E. Martin Pammer, together with the representative of Dance Club Aster Vedran Marčeta, and Vildana Lončarić on behalf of the NGO Urban Management talked to the journalists.

Mayor Abdulah Skaka said that it was his great pleasure to announce the hosting of the First Austrian Ball precisely on this day on the 121st birthday of the City Hall.

press konf bal 2

“The hosting of the Ball represents the continuation of good and friendly cooperation between Vienna and Sarajevo, but also between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Austria. I am convinced that this event will enrich the cultural offer of the City of Sarajevo and that this event and similar events will be hosted in Sarajevo in the future” said Skaka.

Austrian Ambassador Pammer stressed that Sarajevo will become a part of the world family of cities which includes Paris, London, Tokyo or Sankt-Petersburg, where Viennese balls are held. In the words of Ambassador Pammer the goal of this event is to develop the culture of dancing and to involve all segments of society and try to make this event a tradition and attraction for the citizens of Sarajevo.

Vedran Marčeta from the Dance Club Aster said that the Main Hall of the City Hall will give off ball atmosphere which will be brought by the performance of the Orchestra of Vienna Opera Ball, while the halls on the first floor will host Latino dance and Argentine tango. The rich programme will be made complete by performances of the artists from the whole region, bands who will give live performances of Argentine tango. It is expected that renowned Austrian choreographer Heinz Heidenreich will also participate at this event.

Mayor Skaka welcomed Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn of Thailand at the City Hall

Mayor of Sarajevo Abdulah Skaka together with Deputy Mayor Milan Trivić welcomed Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn of Thailand, who was visiting Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina for the first time. During the meeting, Mayor Skaka shortly presented the history of the City of Sarajevo and the City Hall.

slika 2

Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn went on a tour of the main hall, the gallery, Ceremonial Hall and the Hall of the City Council accompanied by Deputy Mayor Trivić. The Princess showed great interest in the history and significance of the City Hall. At the City Hall Museum she saw two permanent exhibitions dedicated to the rebuilding and reconstruction of the City Hall which began in 1996, and the life in Sarajevo during the last one hundred years.

The Princess thanked on the cordial welcome shown to her in this landmark building and expressed her delight and appreciation of the beautiful enterior and artistry of the painted walls and ceiling of this pearl of Bosnian and Sarajevan cultural heritage.

slika 3

At the end of her visit, in the book of impressions Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn congratulated the birthday of the Sarajevo City Hall, which today marks the 121 years from its opening when it was handed over to Sarajevo Municipality to be used as seat of city administration.

Deputy Mayor Trivić discussed the Ars Aevi project with the Italian Deputy Minister of Culture Cesaro

Deputy Mayor of Sarajevo Milan Trivić welcomed the Italian Deputy Minister of Culture Antimo Cesaro. Deputy Mayor Trivić stressed that this city administration will continue the rich and successful cooperation with Italian cities and that the project Ars Aevi will be one of its priorities during the four-year term of office.

„The Ars Aevi Collection does not just have an exceptional artistic value, it is also a symbol of peace“, said Trivić adding that this is a great moment and a chance for starting the activities that would lead to the building of museum of contemporary art in the city of Sarajevo according to the design by world famous Renzo Piano. On this occasion the Deputy Mayor thanked the Italian government and the Embassy of Italy on the support they have shown to the project Ars Aevi to date, which consists of one of the most valuable collection in South East Europe.

slika 2

Italian Deputy Minister of Culture Antimo Cesaro expressed his pleasure with the fact that there is a will to launch concrete activities in further implementation of this project. It was agreed that Sarajevo City Administration will deliver a proposal which would animate Italy: “We shall embrace it wholeheartedly in order to apply jointly to the European Union and try to secure funds for building a museum of contemporary art in Sarajevo”, said Cesaro who went on a tour of the City Hall with Deputy Mayor Trivić after the meeting.


Press Conference on the occasion of preparations for EYOF 2019

Photo: Feđa Krvavac/

The representatives of European Youth Olympic Festival Organising Committee (EYOF 2019) in Sarajevo and East Sarajevo, talked about the current state of the project, implemented activities in the past period and activities which are to be implemented at today’s press conference.

Photo: Feđa Krvavac/


Deputy Mayor of Sarajevo Ivica Šarić stated that the organisation of EYOF is a top priority for the city.

„We are satisfied with the number and quality of undertaken activities in the past period and the growing cooperation between Sarajevo and East Sarajevo, which was enhanced greatly by the election of young and promising mayors. We are particularly pleased by the growing interest shown by the general public and sport organisations who joined the EYOF project“ said Šarić.

EYOF Manager 2019 Ltd. Senahid Godinjak presented the activities implemented this year, the most important of which include the setting up of the Executive Committee, organisation of trial competitions, the visit of the European Olympic Committee Coordination Commission to Sarajevo and East Sarajevo and the promotion of EYOF sports and final inventory of the sports facilities.

The Mayor of East Sarajevo Nenad Vuković said that the preparations for the European Youth Olympic Festival 2019 are going as planned.

“So far, the Organising Committee has undertaken many activities with the aim to carry out the preparation successfully. We in East Sarajevo and Sarajevo see EYOF as a great opportunity to return to the spotlight as organizers of first rate winter sports competitions and this is our first opportunity after the 1984 Winter Olympics to host a winter sport competition at a first rate level. On the other hand, this is an opportunity to promote tourism, particularly winter tourism. This is a great opportunity to develop infrastructure, which should remain as the legacy of the Olympic Festival” said Vuković.

He announced that the budget for EYOF infrastructure amounting to approximately 4.5 million BAM will be adopted at today’s meeting of the Organising Committee.


Huffington Post: Sarajevo is the second most beautiful city in the world

The prominent US newspaper Huffington Post  placed Sarajevo second among ten most beautiful cities in the world.

The article states that Sarajevo as the capital and the biggest city of Bosnia and Herzegovina possesses dreamlike authenticity and that it is located at the foot of the mountains along the River Miljacka. It is said that it is full of beautiful mosques, churches and historical architecture, as well as local shops which make and sell varied products.

What makes this city extremely unique is the evidence of past wars that remains. Shells of buildings stand where bombs went off in or near them and monuments that had been erected since the war have been damaged by opposing sides.

It states that only Zanzibar in Tanzania is more beautiful than Sarajevo and recommended to their readers to visit these magnificent cities.

Beside Bosnian and Herzegovinian capital, the ten most beautiful cities include: Zanzibar in Tanzania, Florence in Italy, Seville in Spain, Prague in Czech Republic, Icelandic Reykjavik, Chiang Mai in Thailand, New York, Milan in Italy and Paris, France.



City of Sarajevo officials expressed their best wishes for Catholic and Orthodox Easter

The Mayor of Sarajevo Abdulah Skaka and Chairman of the Sarajevo City Council Igor Gavrić expressed their best wishes to all Catholic and Orthodox believers in Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina on the occasion of the upcoming Christian Easter holiday on their behalf and on behalf of the City of Sarajevo.

“We wish you to spend this great holiday – the symbol of new life- in good humour, peace and joy. Let this holiday give hope and encouragement to all people of good will to continue along the path of restoration of trust, mutual understanding and coexistence” emphasized the City of Sarajevo officials in their Easter message.

Mayor Abdulah Skaka expressed his best wishes for Pesach

Mayor of Sarajevo Abdulah Skaka expressed his best wishes for the greatest Jewish holiday Pesach to the president of the Jewish Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina and presidnet of the Sarajevo Jewish Municipality Boris Kožemjakin.

„I would like to express my best wishes for Pesach to you personally and to all Jews of Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina. I would like you to spend the joy of Pesach, the holiday of spring but also of freedom and hope, with those closest to you, friends and neighbours in the traditional spirit  of faith, peace and unity“ stressed Mayor Skaka in his message.

The selection of best drawings by elementary school pupils held by the City of Sarajevo and NGO IPIL IPIL No Kai from Tokyo

The City of Sarajevo in cooperation with the nongovernmental organization IPIL IPIL no Kai from Tokyo is implementing the project „Cherries for Sarajevo“ and „Drawing competition for elementary school students“. This year the city Service for Education,Culture and Sports has sent calls for participation in the drawing competition to ten elemenatry schools in the City of Sarajevo. They have also been provided with recycled paper, donated by the nongovernmental organisation IPIL IPIL no Kai. Five schools: „Grbavica II“, „Vladislav Skarić“, „Alija Nametak“, Safet Beg Bašagić“, „Osman Nakaš“ and „Edhem Mulabdić“ have sent drawings entitled „The Future“.


The local representative of NGO IPIL IPIL No Kai Vajka Kazić organized today the selection of best drawings at the Embassy of Japan in Sarajevo. Assistant to Mayor for Education, Culture and Sport was also present at selection.


On the same day, a meeting was held at the City Administration between mayors assistants Amina Deljković, Hamdo Karić, representatives of the Embassy of Japan, IPIL IPIL No Kai, and KJKP „Park“ who are responsiblere for maintenance of seedlings of  Japanese cherries.


Among other things, the continuation of the implementation of joint projects was discussed at the meeting. The following day, the representatives of IPIL IPIL no KAI visited the elementary schools „Safet- beg Bašagić“ and „Grbavica II“, whose pupils won the first prizes in the mentioned drawing competition, and presented them with certificates, awards and symbolic gifts.