Working visit by the Mayor of Sarajevo to the City of Zürich, ETH Zürich and Mini Economic Forum of Matica BiH


Mayor Abdulah Skaka met with Corine Mauch, Mayor of Zürich and the main topic of discussion was the scientific exchange between the two cities in cooperation with ETH Zürich and Matica BiH.

„Today the cities represent the greatest challenge to global society because they are the focal points of economic, environemntal and social crisis.  But at the same time, as reservoirs of human resources and centres of creative activity, cities provide the greatest opportunity for development of sustainable and comprehensive solutions“ said Skaka.

Mayor Mauch expressed readiness for exchange of experiences and good practices of the City of Zürich and establishing specific cooperation between the two cities in the field of urban development.


Within the framework of the official visit to Zürich, Mayor Skaka, in the capacity of special guest, attended the Seventh Mini Economic Forum of the Matica of Bosnia and Herzegovina which is organized in cooperation with this year’s  theme partner  ETH Zürich – Department of Urban Think Thank „Reactivate Sarajevo“ titled „Integral Urban Developemnt as Catalyst of Economic, Social and Enviromental Transformation“.


This is the continuation of successful cooperation with ETH Zürich – Department of Urban Think Thank „Reactivate Sarajevo“ and Matica BiH which culminated in the first presentation of Bosnia and Herezgovina at the Venice Biennale of Architecture in 2016.

The successful day ended in the signing of joint statement with the aim of establishing official cooperation through the signing of Cooperation Memorandum between Sarajevo and Zürich in the field of scientific exchange.