The City of Sarajevo provided support for the Diplomatic Winter Bazaar and it will have a stand with traditional Bosnian products and souvenirs there


The Diplomatic Winter Bazaar, one of the greatest humanitarian events in Bosnia and Herzegovina, will be held on Saturday December 9, from 11.00 to 16.00 hours at the „Mirza Delibašić“ sports hall in Sarajevo.

This year the Diplomatic Winter Bazaar will gather embassies and international organisations from Bosnia and Herzegovina who have come together to help children in need across Bosnia and Herzegovina. The City of Sarajevo supported this noble event, at which Ms Majda Skaka, the wife of the Mayor Abdulah Skaka, will also take part.

The Winter Diplomatic Bazaar is an opportunity for visitors to taste food and buy souvenirs from across the world, and the spouses of ambassadors and diplomatic representatives in Bosnia and Herzegovina, among others, take part in this event. The City of Sarajevo’s stand will offer traditional Bosnian and Herzegovinian products, souvenirs, literature, postcards of Sarajevo, with the aim of collecting as much funds as possible for humanitarian purposes.

This year around 40 embassies and international organisations, and around 60 non-governmental organisations will participate in the bazaar. The ticket price will be 5 BAM. Entrance will be free for children under 10 accompanied by an adult, and free activities designed especially for “little princesses and princes” will be in store for them.


Sarajevo and Central Administrative District of Moscow signed a Cooperation Protocol

Mayor of Sarajevo Abdulah Skaka and the Prefect of the Central Administrative District of Moscow  Vladimir Goverdovskiy signed the Protocol on Cooperation in the City Hall with the goal of strengthening the existing relations and developing friendly ties.  The Protocol foresees cooperation in the field of education, culture, sport and tourism, and the exchange of experiences and delegations of experts in the field of utilities and town-planning.

“The Protocol  marks the official beginning of cooperation between our administrations. The next step will be to exchange information and positive experiences, which would serve as basis for development and implementation of specific projects of mutual interest”, stressed the Mayor of Sarajevo.


Skaka suggested holding a concert of Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra in the City Hall.

They also discussed participation at tourism festivals  in Sarajevo and Moscow, in order for their citizens, guests and tourists to get to know the cultural-historic and natural resources of the two cities.

On this occasion, it was agreed  for the Russian journalist to come to Sarajevo, to do a report on the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and in that way bring closer the beauty, life and customs of our city which is currently listed among the top 20 most desirable and most visited tourist destinations in Europe.

Prefect Vladimir Goverdovskiy said that the Central Administrative District of Moscow is open for cooperation with Sarajevo in the field of culture and tourism. “We are also interested in projects in the field of utility services” stressed Goverdovskiy  thanking for the exceptional welcome in Sarajevo.

The signing of the Protocol was attended by the Chairman of the Sarajevo City Council Igor Gavrić, Deputies of the Mayor of Sarajevo Ivica Šarić and Milan Trivić, and Deputies of the Prefect of Central Administrative District of Moscow, Sergey Travkin and Andrey Prishchepov.


Mayor Skaka received the award-winning students

The Mayor of Sarajevo Abdulah Skaka received and presented the money awards to students and  teachers from primary schools “Grbavica” and “Fatima Gunić”, whose drawings won prizes and are put on display at the offices of the City Administration of the friendly City of Hiroshima and the Embassy of Japan in Sarajevo, today at the Sarajevo City Administration.

djeca nagrade (4)Namely, the prize-winning drawings by the six students from the two Sarajevo primary schools were presented at the ceremony where the Stone for Peace from Hiroshima was handed over to the City of Sarajevo, held in June this year at the National Museum.

Mayor Skaka congratulated the young artists and their teachers :”I am convinced that you will continue to contribute with your skills and energy to the affirmation of the City of Sarajevo and your homeland Bosnia and Herzegovina”, said Skaka adding that this represents a continuation of good cooperation between the City of Sarajevo and primary schools.


djeca nagrade (13)The winners of the first prize were students from primary school “Grbavica I”: Nedim Kanlić, Amar Dizdarević, Misala Kozica and Merjem Višnjić. The second prize went to Asja Festa, and the third to Aida Lemešević from primary school “Fatima Gunić”. Their teachers Senad Begić and Anđa Vuković were also presented with awards.

The principals of primary schools “Grbavica I” and “Fatima Gunić”, Omer Begović and Hajrudin Ćuprija used this opportunity to express their gratitude for this type of support, particularly to Mayor Skaka, considering that this is the first time that the  teachers were also awarded for their efforts.




Delegation from Friedrichshafen visited „Omer Maslić“health clinic


During their stay in Sarajevo, the multi-member delegation from Friedrichshafen accompanied by the Deputy Mayor of Sarajevo Milan Trivić paid a visit today to “Omer Maslić” health clinic. Administration and citizens of Friedrichshafen allocated substantial financial funds.

“You had shown great humanity and understanding and offered a helping hand at the hardest time for us. You enabled the reconstruction of the health clinic building and once again opened the door to our health workers and users of health services with the best working conditions”, said Dr. Zumreta Bihorac-Kučuk, director of the “Omer Maslić” health clinic.

This sister city has the intention to finance the installation of an elevator in Novo sarajevo health clinic for persons with disabilities and mothers with children, and the necessary project documents are being prepared to this end.

The today’s meeting with the representatives of Friedrichshafen was attended by the head of Municipality Novo Sarajevo, Nedžad Koldžo.

45 years of exceptionally fruitful cooperation between sister cities

“The city administrations of Sarajevo and Friedrichshafen will continue the exceptionally fruitful and quality cooperation between the two sister cities which has lasted for 45 years”, stressed the Deputy Mayor of Sarajevo Milan Trivić, who hosted the reception of the multi-member delegation of this German city today at the City Hall.

Deputy Mayor Trivić thanked the Administration, citizens and the Association “Pro Sarajevo” from this friendly city on their assistance provided during the war, particularly for the donations to the”Omer Maslić” health clinic  and “Bjelave” children’s home after the war.

2“Sarajevo takes great pride in the long-lasting and rich partnership with Friedrichshafen, which was filled with numerous activities and mutual visits involving students, artists,athletes, entrepreneurs, as well as citizens and officials from the two cities. I believe that we will come up with ides and projects for the development of the new and the improvement of existing ties” – stressed Trivić.

According to the Deputy Mayor of Friedrichshafen Dr. Wolfgang Sigg “around one thousand citizens of Sarajevo and Friedrichshafen have paid exchange visits to the two cities so far. This successful story should continue in the future, because it is important for our citizens to meet, get to know each other and become friends”.

City of Friedrichshafen donated funds for the Youth House-Blagovac in Vogošća

The children and Administration of Children’s Home Bjelave hosted today the multi-member delegation of our German sister City Friedrichshafen, who are visiting Sarajevo within the framework of their regular study tour.

On this occasion, Deputy Mayor of Friedrichshafen Dr. Wolfgang Sigg and President of the citizens’ association “Pro Sarajevo” Bernd Fuchs presented a donor check of 4.600 euros to the director of the Children’s Home Bjelave Saudin Đurđević. These funds are intended for installation of central heating in the Youth House- Blagovac in Vogošća, which is a part of the Children’s Home “Bjelave”.


Amina Deljković, Assistant to Mayor for Education, Culture and Sport expressed appreciation for this valuable donation on behalf of the City of Sarajevo and the Mayor Abdulah Skaka, stressing the exceptional friendship, respect and solidarity between the two cities and their citizens which are continuing for 45 years.

“We are particularly pleased  to provide assistance to an institution which provides shelter and protection for these children” stressed Dr. Sigg adding that these funds were provided by the members of association “Pro Sarajevo” through numerous fundraising sales.

Within the framework of their  visit  to our capital city, the delegation from Friedrichshafen will have a meeting in the Sarajevo City Administration and go on a tour of the “Omer Maslić” Health Clinic.

The Delegation of the City of Sarajevo visited the Vatican

The Delegation of the City of Sarajevo headed by the Mayor Abdulah Skaka visited the Vatican, upon invitation by the Apostolic Nuncio to Bosnia and Herzegovina Mons Luigi Pezzuto.

Apart from the Mayor, the delegation consisted of the Chairman of the City Council Igor Gavrić, Deputy Mayors Ivica Šarić and Milan Trivić, and the former Mayor Ivo Komšić.

After the general audience, delegation members met with Pope Francis and thanked him for supporting the multiethnic way of life in Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Pope Francis replied by saying that that is the right way and the only way. He stressed that we are all brothers and that he is praying for us and asked us to pray for him too.

Pope Francis said that we should safeguard multiculturalism and religious coexistence in Sarajevo, for which the Bosnian and Herzegovinian capital was always famous.

Mayor Skaka is the first mayor of Sarajevo to visit the Pope in the Vatican.


Skaka and Wigemark discussed the ongoing city infrastructure projects



Mayor of Sarajevo Abdulah Skaka had a meeting today with Ambassador H.E. Lars-Gunnar Wigemark, Head of the Delegation of the European Union to Bosnia and Herzegovina and EU special representative.

Mayor Skaka acquainted Ambassador Wigemark with the ongoing infrastructure projects, particularly the dynamics of works on the construction of the Trebević cable Car and adjoining facilities.  It was agreed that the City of Sarajevo should candidate its ideas and projects to be financed with the support of the Delegation of the European Union to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

skaka i wigemark 2The progress of preparations of the European Olympic Winter Festival (EYOF) to be hosted by Sarajevo and East Sarajevo in February 2019 was also discussed at today’s meeting.

Stressing the importance and role of the Delegation of the European Union in Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina, Skaka expressed his conviction in the continuation and intensification of partner relations and future good cooperation between the City of Sarajevo and the Delegation of EU in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Skaka and Tarlos agreed on the hosting of Sarajevo Days in Budapest


Mayor of Sarajevo Abdulah Skaka met with Istvan Tarlos, Mayor of Budapest, the city with which the Bosnian and Herzegovinian capital established sister city relations in 1995, at the sidelines of the Second 16+1 China and CEE Capital Mayors Summit in Podgorica. Mayors of the two cities discussed the need to intensify mutual ties.

Mayor Skaka invited his colleague from Budapest to visit Sarajevo, within the framework of marking of April 6th – the Day of the City of Sarajevo, and suggested that the Budapest Philharmonic Orchestra gives a concert on May 9th, the Day of Europe and Day of Victory over Fascism in the Sarajevo City Hall, in order to present the culture of Budapest and Hungary in Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

During the meeting the two Mayors agreed to hold the event „Days of Sarajevo in Budapest“within the framework of which the economic, tourist and cultural potentials of the City of Sarajevo will be showcased.

The BiH Ambassador to Montenegro Đorđe Latinović also attended the meeting.


Skaka and the Mayor of Beijing: strengthening of economic cooperation particularly in the field of tourism



Mayors of Sarajevo and Beijing Abdulah Skaka and Chen Jining agreed to strengthen cooperation particularly in the field of tourism at the meeting held today in Podgorica.

During a cordial meeting between officials of the capital cities of China and Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Mayor of Beijing Jining accepted the invitation to come for an official visit to Sarajevo.

Furthermore, they agreed on several activities for establishing stronger economic ties and better connectedness of the capital cities of Bosnia and Herzegovina and China.

Peking 1

„We had a very fruitful meeting which will bring significant advances in the interest of the citizens of Sarajevo, and of the country as a whole. My colleague stressed that Sarajevo is exceptionally interesting for the citizens of Beijing in terms of tourism“said Skaka after the meeting.

The Mayor of Beijing invited Skaka to head a delegation of officials, representatives of tourist community and journalists on a visit to Beijing to give a tourist promotion of Sarajevo.

„I believe that this is a very good opportunity to present our city in the best possible light. Tourism is at the centre of this city administration’s activities and we will do everything to use this opportunity in the best way possible” said Mayor Skaka.

Furthermore, the Mayor of Beijing was invited to present the tourist offer of the Chinese capital Beijing in a similar way in Sarajevo.

Within  that framework, they discussed the establishment of direct flight Sarajevo – Beijing which would be a further boost, and for which the Chinese side showed particular interest. It was agreed to continue the consultations on these issues with the competent state institutions.

The meeting between Skaka and Jining was held at the sidelines of the Second Forum of Mayors of Central and East European Capitals and China held in Podgorica. The meeting was also attended by the Ambassador of BiH to Montenegro Đorđe Latinović.