Skaka headed the delegation of Sarajevo in Zagreb: strengthening of ties between two cities of strategic importance for good relations between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia


Today, the City of Sarajevo Delegation paid an official visit to Zagreb, where strengthening of cooperation was agreed between the two cities, which is of strategic importance for good relations between the two neighbouring and sovereign countries.

During the visit the Mayor of Sarajevo Abdulah Skaka met with the Mayor of Zagreb Milan Bandić, and discussed with him the specific ways of cooperation and establishment of closer ties between the two capital cities. Since 2001 and the signing of Cooperation Agreement between Sarajevo and Zagreb, there is a framework for connecting the two cities.

The two mayors discussed, among other things, the possibilities of cooperation in different fields, from economy, promotion and development of tourism to cultural exchange. It was concluded that there is room for joint organization of large-scale events, and cooperation in organizing some of the best organized regional events such as New Year’s Eve celebration in Sarajevo or Advent in Zagreb. Furthermore, they discussed the inclusion of the two cities in a joint tourist route.

Special attention was dedicated to exchange of experiences in using EU pre-accession funds.
-Sarajevo and Zagreb have cherished very deep friendly and partner ties and we would like to continue and improve them. The region is in the focus of our international cooperation framework. We would like to use every positive opportunity and good will in the best interest of citizens of the two capitals. I would like to stress the importance of cooperation in the area of pre-accession funds, and I have made a suggestion to Zagreb to share their experiences with us – said Mayor Skaka.

Mayor of Zagreb, Milan Bandić stressed the strategic importance of quality relations between Zagreb and Sarajevo for the overall ties between the two countries. He stressed that there is a will for improvement of the said cooperation.

Mayor Skaka has thanked the City of Zagreb, which every year hosts primary school students from Sarajevo during the summer holidays in Novi Vinodolski. Skaka made a proposal for the City of Sarajevo to be the host of primary school students from Zagreb during the winter holidays at the Olympic Mountains.