„Vienna Days in Sarajevo“ ended with the Smart City Conference


The Hydroelectric power plants and drinking water and urban mobility were the topics of the second day of the conference „Sarajevo and Vienna – Innovative Solutions for the Future”, which was being held as part of the event Vienna Days in Sarajevo“. The two-day conference in the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina was organized by the City of Vienna and the City of Sarajevo.

The panellists on today’s topic were Mario Tomassovits and Ina Homleier from the City Vienna, Gregor- Robert Posch from the Start-up Services Vienna, Adnan Strojl from JP Autoceste Federacije BiH (FBiH Highways) , Vedad Bećirović from the UNSA Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Edin Mehić from Netwroks INT.

The focus of the panel was on drinking water and small hydroelectric power plants i.e. start up companies and innovative projects related to “smart city” strategy.

When talking about small hydroelectric power plants Tomassovits, among other, said that small hydroelectric power plants for drinking water are more economical and their maintenance cheaper, but that the utilisation and profitability depend on many factors, one of them being the amount of water.

Adnan Strojl from Autoceste Federacije BiH talked about urban mobility and reminded that JP Autoceste Federacije BiH implemented the most advanced intelligent transport system, applying technology that can improve the flow of traffic in the city by 30 to 40 percent with the existing infrastructure, for example smart management of traffic lights or introduction of special rules for cyclists.

The director of Eurocomm- PR Sarajevo Berina Filipović Kulenović said that the conclusions and exchange of experiences from yesterday and today will be exceptionally valuable.

 In modern age we are living in, it is necessary to say loudly and clearly that smart solutions in solving the problems of everyday life are much needed and necessary, and that they result in good quality of life – stressed Filipović-Kulenović.
The development of smart technologies is one of the priorities in the City of Sarajevo Policies until the year 2020.

The event “Vienna Days in Sarajevo” organized by the City of Vienna, City of Sarajevo and the local office of the City of Vienna Eurocomm-PR Sarajevo, held under the slogan “smarty city”, was closed with the gala reception at Hotel Europe.