International officials visited the Sarajevo Information Centre on the ICTY


The Ambassador of the Czech Republic, H.E. Jakub Skalnik, the Ambassador of Holland H.E. Reinout Caspar Vos, Director of the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Foundation Karsten Dümel and Director of the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Programme for the Rule of Law for South East Europe Hartmut Rank, visited the Sarajevo Information Centre on the ICTY located at the City Hall, today.

Ivo Komšić, President of the Mayor’s Council for the Information Centre, operating as part of the City Administration, acquainted the international officials with the work of the Sarajevo Information Centre on the ICTY, the archive of the ICTY which will be used as an indispensable source of documents, evidence, transcripts and audio-visual records for implementation of future projects through cooperation of the Centre with the Sarajevo universities, with the aim of creating interdisciplinary studies program that would serve to prove the crimes that were committed in the territory of the former Yugoslavia from a scientific perspective.

When discussing future plans, Komšić said that the Sarajevo Information Centre Department plans to organize a simulation of the trials and competitions for students of the University of Sarajevo Law Faculty.

The international officials stressed the importance of the opening of the Centre, and expressed their pleasure with the progress of ongoing activities, and desire for cooperation on future joint projects.

After the meeting, the delegations had a tour of the ICS premises, the authentic courtroom of the ICTY and signed in the book of impressions.