International officials visited the Sarajevo Information Centre on the ICTY


The Ambassador of the Czech Republic, H.E. Jakub Skalnik, the Ambassador of Holland H.E. Reinout Caspar Vos, Director of the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Foundation Karsten Dümel and Director of the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Programme for the Rule of Law for South East Europe Hartmut Rank, visited the Sarajevo Information Centre on the ICTY located at the City Hall, today.

Ivo Komšić, President of the Mayor’s Council for the Information Centre, operating as part of the City Administration, acquainted the international officials with the work of the Sarajevo Information Centre on the ICTY, the archive of the ICTY which will be used as an indispensable source of documents, evidence, transcripts and audio-visual records for implementation of future projects through cooperation of the Centre with the Sarajevo universities, with the aim of creating interdisciplinary studies program that would serve to prove the crimes that were committed in the territory of the former Yugoslavia from a scientific perspective.

When discussing future plans, Komšić said that the Sarajevo Information Centre Department plans to organize a simulation of the trials and competitions for students of the University of Sarajevo Law Faculty.

The international officials stressed the importance of the opening of the Centre, and expressed their pleasure with the progress of ongoing activities, and desire for cooperation on future joint projects.

After the meeting, the delegations had a tour of the ICS premises, the authentic courtroom of the ICTY and signed in the book of impressions.

ICTY Information Centre Sarajevo hosted the first International Law Summer School


ICTY Information Centre Sarajevo, located at the City Hall was the venue of the one-day lecture for 26 foreign students – who are attending the International Law Summer School “The Role of Transitional Justice in Restoring Human Rights and the Rule of Law in Post-conflict Societies”.

The School was set up as part of the cooperation established between the City of Sarajevo and the Sarajevo Law Faculty through the signing of Memorandum of Understanding in June this year.

The attendants of the Summer School organized by the University of Sarajevo Law Faculty, Association “Pravnik” and “Konrad Adenauer” Foundation were pre-graduate and post -graduate students from Spain, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Russia, Ukraine, Switzerland, Hungary and Albania.


During the lectures and interactive lesson, the students acquired knowledge about the role of the ICTY in the development and improvement of international humanitarian and criminal code, which had in the 24 years of its operation developed a universally accepted standards and practices of conflict resolution, prosecution of war criminals and establishing individual culpability for criminal acts of genocide, crimes against humanity, violation of laws and customs of war and grave breaches of the Geneva Conventions.

During their time spent in the Information Centre, the ICS staff showed the students the permanent exhibition “The Siege of Sarajevo through the Judgments of the ICTY”, as well as the operation of the base for accessing ICTY archive. They also had a tour of the original courtroom of the ICTY which is on permanent display at the City Hall.

Registrar of the Residual Mechanism promised to support the Information Centre on the ICTY in Sarajevo


Deputy Mayor of Sarajevo Milan Trivić received the delegation of the Residual Mechanism for International Criminal Tribunals headed by Olufemi Elias today at the City Hall.

In the meeting, they discussed the ways of future cooperation with the goal of promoting and putting into operation the Information Centre on the ICTY in Sarajevo, which was officially opened on May 23 this year. Deputy Mayor Trivić acquainted the delegation of the Residual Mechanism with the activities which were carried out to date. He particularly emphasized the cooperation established with the Faculty of Law, which will enable students and law experts to use the ICTY archive, housed at the Information Centre in the City Hall, through online data bases, as well as the authentic courtroom in their practical classes.

The Registrar of the Mechanism Olufemi praised the City Administration’s efforts and the results achieved in setting up the Centre. He said that the Mechanism will invests efforts and look for financial and other types of material support for the operation of the Centre, in accordance with the signed Memorandum of Understanding.

The meeting was attended by Ivo Komšić, President of the Mayor’s Council for Information Centre, which operates as part of the City of Sarajevo and Almir Alić, representative of the Secretariat of the MICT in BiH.

„Vienna Days in Sarajevo“ ended with the Smart City Conference


The Hydroelectric power plants and drinking water and urban mobility were the topics of the second day of the conference „Sarajevo and Vienna – Innovative Solutions for the Future”, which was being held as part of the event Vienna Days in Sarajevo“. The two-day conference in the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina was organized by the City of Vienna and the City of Sarajevo.

The panellists on today’s topic were Mario Tomassovits and Ina Homleier from the City Vienna, Gregor- Robert Posch from the Start-up Services Vienna, Adnan Strojl from JP Autoceste Federacije BiH (FBiH Highways) , Vedad Bećirović from the UNSA Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Edin Mehić from Netwroks INT.

The focus of the panel was on drinking water and small hydroelectric power plants i.e. start up companies and innovative projects related to “smart city” strategy.

When talking about small hydroelectric power plants Tomassovits, among other, said that small hydroelectric power plants for drinking water are more economical and their maintenance cheaper, but that the utilisation and profitability depend on many factors, one of them being the amount of water.

Adnan Strojl from Autoceste Federacije BiH talked about urban mobility and reminded that JP Autoceste Federacije BiH implemented the most advanced intelligent transport system, applying technology that can improve the flow of traffic in the city by 30 to 40 percent with the existing infrastructure, for example smart management of traffic lights or introduction of special rules for cyclists.

The director of Eurocomm- PR Sarajevo Berina Filipović Kulenović said that the conclusions and exchange of experiences from yesterday and today will be exceptionally valuable.

 In modern age we are living in, it is necessary to say loudly and clearly that smart solutions in solving the problems of everyday life are much needed and necessary, and that they result in good quality of life – stressed Filipović-Kulenović.
The development of smart technologies is one of the priorities in the City of Sarajevo Policies until the year 2020.

The event “Vienna Days in Sarajevo” organized by the City of Vienna, City of Sarajevo and the local office of the City of Vienna Eurocomm-PR Sarajevo, held under the slogan “smarty city”, was closed with the gala reception at Hotel Europe.

Two-day conference „Sarajevo and Vienna – Innovative Solutions for the Future“


„Sarajevo and Vienna – Innovative Solutions for the Future“ is the title of the two-day conference which is being held as part of „Vienna Days in Sarajevo“.

The Conference will offer effective models for creating long term smart city strategies with the aim of applying the best technological solutions.

“Our ambition is for Sarajevo to become a city with smart well- connected public services, with fast application of many solutions, and thus a capital city with a more beautiful, better and happier future” stressed Deputy Mayor Ivica Šarić in his welcome speech.

On behalf of the City of Vienna, which was proclaimed the city with the best quality of life in the world for nine consecutive years, the delegate at the Regional and City Council of Vienna Marcus Schober said that he was convinced that the exchange of knowledge and experience would lead to joint projects that would improve and upgrade the quality of life of the citizens from the two cities.


The first day of the Conference consisted of presentations by experts from the two cities on the topics related to smart city, efficient city communication and energy. The Smart City Conference will continue tomorrow on the topics of smart solutions for managing cycling traffic and city waters, support to start ups, as well as education from the aspect of retraining in line with the process of digitalisation and trends in the labour market.

Firefighters from Vienna donated vehicles to Volunteer Fire Fighting Brigade Alipašin Most


Gerald Schimpf, officer and spokesperson of the professional Viennese firefighting brigade handed over the keyes of the firefighting vehicle to Mesud Jusufović, president of the Volunteer fire fighting brigade Alipašin Most. He stressed that this donation represents the continuation of the long lasting cooperation between the Viennese and Sarajevan fire fighters, and the friendly cities of Vienna and Sarajevo.

The handover ceremony was attended by the Deputy Mayor Milan Trivić, who expressed his appreciation for the donation on behalf of the City of Sarajevo and its citizens, expressing his conviction that the future cooperation between our two cities will be intensified through joint projects such as Vienna Days in Sarajevo.

„This is the second vehicle that we received from the City of Vienna. It can carry a whole department of fire fighters, and the novelty is that it possesses rescue equipment so that we could help rescuing people injured in car accidents and people trapped under ruins“ stressed Jusufović, the president of Volunteer Fire Fighting Brigade Alipašin Most.

„Vienna Days in Sarajevo“ was opened


The Vienna Days in Sarajevo event, which was officially opened tonight, will have the smart city strategy in its focus, with the aim of applying the best technological solutions in the areas of traffic, water, energy, urban mobility, local self-governance, education and start-ups.

The experts from the two cities will exchange experiences from innovative projects at the Conference on the above mentioned topics, which earned the City of Vienna the title of the city with the best quality of life in the world for nine consecutive years.

The part of the programme which was open for public took place at the square in front of the BBI centre, and it included the performance of the young Austrian DJ Febration, this year’s winner of Donauinselfest, the biggest outdoor music festival in Europe.

The public was able to see a screening of a short film titled “Summer in Vienna” and enjoy in the Viennese ice cream, use the photo booth and participate in a prize competition.

Deputy Mayor Ivica Šarić stressed at the opening ceremony that this event represents the continuation of a joint project between friendly cities Sarajevo and Vienna:

“The historical ties, comparatively small geographical distance, and the reputation and importance of Vienna in the perception of the citizens of Sarajevo are advantages that should be used for mutual benefit and pleasure” said Šarić.

Marcus Schober, on behalf of the City of Vienna, expressed his pleasure that the capital city of Austria is represented for the third time to Sarajevo citizens with the aim of bringing the two capital cities and their citizens closer together.

Prior to the opening of this year’s Vienna Days, Deputy Mayor Šarić received the delegation of the City of Vienna, which organized this event in collaboration with the “Eurocomm-PR Sarajevo” local office.