Sarajevo Information Centre on the ICTY hosted Ambassador Berton, Head of OSCE mission to BiH

Ivo Komšić, President of the Mayor’s Council for the Sarajevo Information Centre on the ICTY received H.E. Ambassador Bruce G. Berton, Head of OSCE Mission to BiH today at the City Hall.The reception was also attended by Rosalynd Roberts, Legal Aide for War Crime Issues and Rule of Law at the OSCE.

Komšić acquainted Ambassador Berton with the ongoing activities and future plans of the Information Centre. He stressed the educational role of the Centre in the research of war crimes from legal, historic, sociological, philosophical, politological and psychological aspect similar to the Nuremberg Academy. There is a plan to launch International Doctoral Studies, the thesis of which will be based on accessible archive of the ICTY.

Ambassador Berton stressed the important role of the Centre and expressed his satisfaction with the ongoing activities of the Sarajevo Information Centre on the ICTY.

After the meeting in the Centre, the delegation had a tour of the permanent exhibition entitled “Siege of Sarajevo through the Rulings of the ICTY “, the authentic courtroom of the ICTY and signed in the book of impressions.