Agreement on Cooperation in application of new technologies in local administration was signed

On behalf of the City of Sarajevo Mayor Abdulah Skaka signed the Agreement on Cooperation with the Chinese Telecommunications Corporation “Huawei” today.

The Agreement defines the framework of future cooperation on specific projects in the field of application of new technologies in local administration and development of smart solutions.

The Agreement was signed in the presence of the Chairman of the BiH Council of Ministers Denis Zvizdić, Minister of Traffic and Communications Ismir Jusko, and Chinese state officials, after the official opening of the Sarajevo Unlimited Forum 2018, of which the City of Sarajevo is a sponsor.

The development and application of smart technologies is one of the top priorities of this City Administration and the activities in this respect have recently been intensified.

The cooperation with big corporations is one of the ways of preparing new solutions and introducing top notch technologies in line with the standards of European capitals.

The Third Austrian Ball to be held at the City Hall in June next year

The Third Austrian Ball will be held on June 8 next year at the beautiful ambiance of the City Hall, with rich cultural-historic program. The Mayor of Sarajevo Abdulah Skaka and the Austrian Ambassador Martin Pammer agreed during today’s meeting at the City Hall that this extraordinary event has become a tradition and an attraction of the city of Sarajevo.

It is my pleasure that for three consecutive years our capital city will be the host of this joint artistic event of two friendly cities Sarajevo and Vienna.This prestigious event is contributing without doubt to the cultural tourism, and the promotion of the city of Sarajevo and the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Europe and the world” stressed Mayor Skaka, adding that the “Vienna Days” were also successfully organized this year in partnership with the Austrian capital.

Ambassador Pammer expressed his belief that the Third Austrian Ball will reaffirm the good and strong ties between Sarajevo and Vienna, Austria and BiH and their citizens. Today’s reception was attended by the members of the Organising Committee Zinaida Jamakosmanović and Vedran Marčeta.

Bruce Dickinson proclaimed honorary citizen of the city of Sarajevo

At the initiative of the Mayor Abdulah Skaka, the Sarajevo City Council adopted a unanimous decision to award the recognition of the honorary citizen of the City of Sarajevo to Bruce Dickinson, the lead singer of the cult metal band Iron Maiden and world famous musician.

Dickinson came to besieged Sarajevo in December 1994 and gave a concert at the Bosnian Cultural Centre (BKC).

The recognition “Honorary Citizen of Sarajevo” went to the right hands, to Bruce Dickinson, lead singer of the group Iron Maiden. I would like to thank the Sarajevo City Council for supporting our initiative and the Concept Media Artists Association for starting this noble incentive. At that time, there were few people who were ready to come to the city under siege and show symbolic, yet honest and important support. Persons like that deserve our lasting appreciation and we should cherish them as our best and sincerest friends. Sarajevo understood his message, as well as many other people around the world, when wee needed it the most”, said the Mayor on that occasion.

A documentary about that event- “Scream for Me Sarajevo” is one of the most valuable films about the Sarajevo siege and represents a unique testimony to the life in besieged city.

– It will be my honour to present Mr. Dickinson with the recognition of the honorary citizen of the city of Sarajevo, the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is from now on his own city- said Skaka.


Mayor of Sarajevo received the Ambassador of Qatar to BiH for an introductory visit

Mayor of Sarajevo Abdulah Skaka received today for an introductory visit His Excellency Ambassador of Qatar in Bosnia and Herzegovina Sultan Bin Ali Al-Khater.

The cordial meeting was held at the City Hall building, and the main topics discussed included the improvement of relations and new projects.

Mayor Skaka thanked the Ambassador Al-Khater on the friendly relations and great support his country had shown to Sarajevo and BiH, and wished him a successful mandate. Ambassador Al-Khater expressed his pleasure with his post in Sarajevo and BiH, expressing his hope that very good friendly and brotherly relations would be further strengthened.

High school students from the sister city of Friedrichshafen paid a visit to Sarajevo

Students and professors of the two high schools from the German city of Friedrichshafen, “Graff Zeppelin” and “Karl Maybach” were guests of the First Grammar School.

The project of exchange of high school students from the two cities continues for 22 years. It is implemented within the friendly cooperation and sister city ties between Sarajevo and Friedrichshafen.

During the visit, the high school students from Friedrichshafen had a tour of the cultural-historic sites of Sarajevo, Jajce and Travnik.

On this occasion, the German delegation presented the Humanitarian organization with a donation, which was provided by the City of Friedrichshafen, Association Pro Sarajevo and high school students.

Mayor Skaka and Prime Minister Zvizdić met today with the Mayor of Istanbul Mevlut Uysal

Mayor of Sarajevo, Abdulah Skaka, together with the Chairman of the BiH Council of Ministers, dr. Denis Zvizdić, met with the Mayor of Istanbul Mevlut Uysal.

Chairman Zvizdić and Mayor Skaka congratulated Mayor Uysal on the construction of Istanbul’s third airport, the biggest airport in the world, whose opening they attended.

Dr. Zvizdić said that the Republic of Turkey and the city of Istanbul have send a message of unity, perseverance, friendship and cooperation and that such messages restore hope in better and brighter future of the whole world.

They discussed the potential cooperation between Istanbul and BiH cities in the fields of economy, culture and education.

Chairman Zvizdić said that Sarajevo, as the capital city of BiH and Istanbul are connected by mutual friendly ties and that all BiH cities have a true friend in Istanbul.

During the discussion, it was concluded that the cooperation is on the rise and that it is based on mutual interests. They agreed that the cooperation between Istanbul and BiH cities is important, because it opens the doors to connecting businessmen, adding that there is a need to strengthen and intensify cooperation between trade chambers in the forthcoming period.

The two-hour meeting was attended by the BiH Ambassador to the Republic of Turkey Bakir Sadović.

Mayor Skaka signed the Mine-Free Sarajevo by 2020 Initiative in Washington

Mayor of Sarajevo Abdulah Skaka and General Gordon Sullivan signed the Memorandum of Understanding between the City of Sarajevo and the Marshall Legacy Institute (MLI) in Washington today.The purpose of the Memorandum is to free the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina entirely from mines by the year 2020.

This is an important document which paves the way for the implementation of valuable projects in Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Mayor Skaka’s hosts included General Sullivan, the president and founder of MLI and Perry Baltimore, President and Executive Director of this prominent organisation which has been helping Bosnia and Herzegovina for twenty years.

Our goal is Mine-Free Sarajevo by 2020, and I am convinced that we will reach that goal in cooperation with Marshall Legacy Institute. The City of Sarajevo is developing fast and we must end the legacy of our past. Security and stability are the foundations for the economic development and progress in every sense of that word – said Skaka after signing the Memorandum.

According to the Mayor, great progress has been made in clearing our country of the horrific landmines threat, primarily thanks to the international demining community, especially the generous support of the United States of America Government and the State Department Office of Weapons Removal and Abatement.

    “No other country has done more to help us. I am delighted to announce a wonderful Initiative, led by the Marshall Legacy Institute in partnership with the City of Sarajevo, the Mine Detection Dog Center in Bosnia-Herzegovina, and the International Trust Fund – Enhancing Human Security, to free Sarajevo and surrounding municipalities from mines by September 2020 in time to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the end of the Bosnian War” said Mayor Skaka.

    The signed Memorandum defines the cooperation between the City of Sarajevo and the surrounding municipalities in the implementation of landmines clearing projects. Marshall Legacy Institute has,for the past couple of years, donated dozens of mine detection dogs to the local demining organisations with the purpose of finding landmines before they kill or wound innocent people. A great number of surviving mine victims was assisted through the “Children Against Mines” program.

Mayor Skaka in Bologna “We want Sarajevo to become a global centre for peace and open dialogue between cultures and civilizations”

Sarajevo has a rich historical experience that can contribute to better understanding of the past, the present and better planing for the future, said Mayor Abdulah Skaka in his address today at the 32 international conference “Bridges of Peace- Religions and Cultures in Dialogue”, which was held in Bologna, Italy.

After a century marked by conflicts, we would like for Sarajevo to become a global centre of peace, open dialogue between cultures and civilizations and peaceful resolution of conflict. Due to is specific history, the City of Sarajevo feels a historical resposibility and obligation to become the cradle of world peace and we will dedicate ourselves to reach that goal.

The gathering was attended by numerous religious leaders, official and intellectuals, and the host of the meeting was Alberto Quattrucci, general secretary of the “Community Sant Egidio”. Mayor of Sarajevo participated in the panel “Living together is our Future” which was held in the famous Palace Re Enzo in Bologna.

“When I took office as Mayor I paid a visit to the heads of all religious communities in Sarajevo. I forged a close and successful cooperation with them which I intend to strengthen even further.The respect for our traditional, religious and ethnic tenets is not contrary to the civic concepts, the protection of the rights of the individual. Local government and religious authorities can jointly do a great deal in the promotion of values which will form a basis for a brighter future. The future is not a lottery. What happens in the future depends on how we start building it today.” said Mayor Skaka

Apart from Mayor Skaka, the panel participants included Jakob Finci, president of the Jewish Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hrizostom, Orthodox metropolitan bishop, Vinko Puljić archbishop of Vrhbosna, Husein ef. Smajić, deputy reisu-l-ulema in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Cornelio Sommaruga former president of the International Red Cross Committee.

Mayor Skaka received the Ambassador of Hungary for an introductory visit

Mayor of Sarajevo, Abdulah Skaka, received the Ambassador of Hungary H.E. Krisztián Pós for an introductory visit and wished him a successful mandate in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the continuation of good cooperation between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Hungary.

He informed the Ambassador about the ongoing infrastructural projects in the city of Sarajevo, and the dynamics of activities the goal of which is to make the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina into a main tourist centre of the region. The Mayor underlined that the City of Sarajevo had participated in a great number of EU projects as co-financing partner and that the exchange of experiences and work on joint projects with Hungarian partners would be of great importance for the City of Sarajevo.

The ongoing cooperation between Sarajevo and Hungarian cities, particularly Budapest and Pecs, was also discussed as well as the plans for the future.

It was concluded that there is a need for intensification of ties between the two capital cities in all areas of interest to the citizens, especially in the area of culture and tourism, through the organization of events within the scope of which tourist and economic potentials of the two capital cities would be presented, pursuant to the Cooperation Agreement between Sarajevo and Budapest.

Mayor Skaka greeted the participants of the First Sarajevo Halal Fair

Mayor of Sarajevo Abdulah Skaka hosted the welcome reception at the City Hall tonight for the participants of the First Sarajevo Halal Fair, which will be held at the Skenderija Centre for the next three days and where more than 100 exhibitors form across the world will showcase their products.

“The City of Sarajevo is developing fast. Our goal is for Bosnia and Herzegovina to become the economic, infrastructural, educational, tourist, cultural and sport centre of the region” stressed Skaka.

According to the Mayor, this economic event is an opportunity to highlight the development trends and extraordinary potential of the halal industry, which has a recorded growth trend both here and in the region and the world.

“We are convinced that the communication and cooperation can be improved and made specific to the benefit of entrepreneurs, as well as producers of halal products and services” said the Mayor.

The SHF 2018 is organized by Bosna Bank International (BBI) in cooperation with the Islamic Community in BiH and the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB).

The Fair will be an opportunity for regional producers and providers of halal services from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Macedonia and Albania to meet with big buyers and distributors from the European Union, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Malaysia, Bahrein, Libya, the United Arab Emirates.