The City of Sarajevo has elected its 38th Mayor today. His name is Abdulah Skaka (SDA), and he is of Bosniak nationality, and he was elected by city councilors at the constitutional assembly of the Sarajevo City Council.



The newly elected Mayor Abdulah Skaka said that it is his great honour and privilege to be elected to this position and he thanked the councilors who placed their trust in him. It is a great obligation and responsibility to be the head of the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina. “I will strive to be a true representative of the City of Sarajevo through my work and efforts and to represent all citizens and residents of Sarajevo with dignity” said Skaka after the election.

The elected Deputy Mayors are Ivica Šarić (SDA) of Croat nationality and Milan Trivić (SBB) of Serb nationality.


The new Chairman of the Sarajevo City Council is Igor Gavrić from the Alliance for Better Future (SBB), while Edina Gabela (SDA) and Mira Jurić (USD) were elected as Deputy Chairman.