A Cooperation Agreement was signed between the „EYOF 2019“company, Sarajevo and East Sarajevo universities and the cities of Sarajevo and East Sarajevo

A Cooperation Agreement was signed today in the Grand Hall of the University of Sarajevo Chancellor’s Office between the „EYOF 2019” company Ltd., Sarajevo and East Sarajevo universities and the cities of Sarajevo and East Sarajevo.

On behalf of the City of Sarajevo the ceremonial signing was attended by the Mayor of Sarajevo Abdulah Skaka, who said on this occasion that this was “one of the most important sports projects we have the opportunity to implement, the greatest after the winter Olympics. “Therefore, I am very grateful to all who will give their contribution. At the same time, the signing of this agreement confirms our dedication to build the future through sports and youth engagement” said Skaka.


Apart from the Mayors of Sarajevo and East Sarajevo, the host cities of the European Youth Olympic Festival 2019, the University of Sarajevo’s Chancellor, the Vice-Chancellor of the University of East Sarajevo, officials of “EYOF 2019” company Ltd., and representatives of faculties of both universities, as well as the representatives of NGO, youth and student’s associations from the two cities were also present at the ceremony.

The goal of the signing of the Agreement is cooperation between universities, and among young people, who are the key for successful implementation of the EYOF 2019 project, and ways of engaging them as volunteers. Within the framework of the EYOF 2019 project, there is a plan to recruit around 1500 volunteers, majority of which will be students. This is a great opportunity for students to acquire practical experience and receive recognition for it.

After Agreement signing ceremony, the students were given a presentation of the project “EYOF 2019”, and the ways of their engagement as volunteers. According to plan, a database of volunteers will be set up with profiles of each volunteer with a calendar of events and tasks assigned to them. The best volunteers will be rewarded according to their accomplishments.

Press Conference on the occasion of preparations for EYOF 2019

Photo: Feđa Krvavac/Klix.ba

The representatives of European Youth Olympic Festival Organising Committee (EYOF 2019) in Sarajevo and East Sarajevo, talked about the current state of the project, implemented activities in the past period and activities which are to be implemented at today’s press conference.

Photo: Feđa Krvavac/Klix.ba


Deputy Mayor of Sarajevo Ivica Šarić stated that the organisation of EYOF is a top priority for the city.

„We are satisfied with the number and quality of undertaken activities in the past period and the growing cooperation between Sarajevo and East Sarajevo, which was enhanced greatly by the election of young and promising mayors. We are particularly pleased by the growing interest shown by the general public and sport organisations who joined the EYOF project“ said Šarić.

EYOF Manager 2019 Ltd. Senahid Godinjak presented the activities implemented this year, the most important of which include the setting up of the Executive Committee, organisation of trial competitions, the visit of the European Olympic Committee Coordination Commission to Sarajevo and East Sarajevo and the promotion of EYOF sports and final inventory of the sports facilities.

The Mayor of East Sarajevo Nenad Vuković said that the preparations for the European Youth Olympic Festival 2019 are going as planned.

“So far, the Organising Committee has undertaken many activities with the aim to carry out the preparation successfully. We in East Sarajevo and Sarajevo see EYOF as a great opportunity to return to the spotlight as organizers of first rate winter sports competitions and this is our first opportunity after the 1984 Winter Olympics to host a winter sport competition at a first rate level. On the other hand, this is an opportunity to promote tourism, particularly winter tourism. This is a great opportunity to develop infrastructure, which should remain as the legacy of the Olympic Festival” said Vuković.

He announced that the budget for EYOF infrastructure amounting to approximately 4.5 million BAM will be adopted at today’s meeting of the Organising Committee.


Ambassador Bodonyi: „French companies are ready to contribute to organisation of EYOF 2019“

Mayor of Sarajevo Abdulah Skaka received today the Ambassador of the Republic of France to Bosnia and Herzegovina H.E. Claire Bodonyi, who congratulated him on his election. Mayor Skaka expressed his hope for successful continuation of the existing cooperation between the City and the French Embassy.

gradonačelnik skaka upriličio prijem za ambasadoricu Francuske 2

Ambassador expressed her interest in the project EYOF 2019, stressing that the French Embassy promotes and supports local government in order for the winter edition of the European Youth Olympic Festival to be successful.

“This competition can show that Bosnia and Herzegovina is capable of organising international events and that the efficient cooperation between Sarajevo and East Sarajevo is possible” stressed Bodonyi.


unnamed (2)

Mayor Skaka expressed his pleasure that the focus of today’s meeting was EYOF 2019, and he reflected on the activities related to this project.

“This city administration takes the organisation of this youth festival very seriously. At the closing ceremony of 13th EYOF in Erzurum in mid-February, we took over the Olympic flag, turning the focus of the European Olympic family towards Sarajevo and East Sarajevo, the hosts of the next 14th EYOF 2019.”


unnamed (4)

Ambassador Bodonyi said that the French government set up a Fund for Analysis and Assistance to the private Sector (FASEP) with the aim to support the organisation of the youth sport festival.“This Fund is financing a technical study which will determine what is necessary for the ski centres Jahorina and Bjelašnica. The Cluster Montagne Group gathers all French firms which specialize in equipping ski centres, is ready to give its contribution to the implementation of this project”, stressed the French Ambassador.

On this occasion the Ambassador invited Mayor Skaka to hold a meeting with the representatives of the Cluster Montagne Group, who will visit Sarajevo in mid-March, to exchange experiences concerning the organisation of EYOF 2019.

Both agreed that the hosting of the winter European Youth Olympic Festival will send a positive message to the whole of Europe from Sarajevo and East Sarajevo.



Olympic flag handed over to the mayors of Sarajevo and East Sarajevo, the hosts of the forthcoming 14th EYOF 2019

(Address by the Mayor Skaka during the Olympic flag handover ceremony)

The Olympic flag was taken down and handed over to Abdulah Skaka and Nenad Samardžija, mayors of Sarajevo and East Sarajevo tonight at the Olympic village during the closing ceremony of 13th EYOF in Erzurum. In front of several thousand athletes from Europe, BiH national anthem was struck up, directing the attention of the European Olympic Family toward Sarajevo and East Sarajevo, the hosts of the forthcoming 14th EYOF 2019.

ceremonija zatvaranja EYOF-a s porukom: Vidimo se u Sarajevu!

( EYOF Closing Ceremony with the message: See you in Sarajevo! )

During the handover of the Olympic flag, Mayor Skaka congratulated the host on the successful organisation of EYOF and the athletes on their performance. „In February 1984 Sarajevo was the host of the best organized winter Olympics up to that time. Our intention is to repeat it and achieve even better results during EYOF 2019, which will serve to promote our cities, our country and it will be an excellent opportunity for our young people“, stressed Skaka.

gradonačelnici Skaka i Sekmen razmijenili prigodne poklone

(Mayors Skaka and Sekmen exchanging gifts)

Mayor Skaka met with the Mayor of Erzurum Mehmet Sekmen who gave him a particularly warm welcome and introduced him to the Erzurum City Council. This Turkish city, which has a street named after Sarajevo, has 800,000 inhabitants, and its University numbers 300,000 students.

Mayor Sekmen offered expert assistance to the City of Sarajevo in the preparations for EYOF 2019, and announced the possibility for the City of Erzurum to restore the facades in one of Sarajevo’s streets as a token of friendship.

gradonačelnik Sekmen predstavio Skaku Gradskom vijeću Erzuruma

Mayor Sekmen introduced  Mayor Skaka to the Erzurum City Council )

Mayor of Sarajevo was also received by the governor of Erzurum, who offered support in the organisation of EYOF 2019 in terms of human resources. Chief of police in Erzurum, with whom Mayor Skaka also had a meeting, expressed the readiness of the police experts to share their experiences with their colleagues in Sarajevo.


Sarajevo City Delegation at EYOF in Erzurum

The 13th European Youth Olympic Festival (EYOF) where six (6) Bosnian and Herzegovinian athletes: Martin Kamenica, Dino Terzić, Emina Husić, Sara Šišić, Miloš Čolić and Strahinja Erić will compete,  is taking place in the Turkish city of Erzurum until February 18th .

City of Sarajevo Delegation, headed by Mayor Abdulah Skaka, also attended the Opening Ceremony. Atmosphere was especially emotional during the procession of athletes from Bosnia and Herzegovina, who received the same ovations as the Turkish national team.



The cities of Sarajevo and East Sarajevo have a good reason to show their respect to the friends from Turkey who had shown their friendship twice. The first time was when they withdrew from the competition for EYOF 2017 in favour of Sarajevo, knowing that they were facing a candidate with Olympic experience, and the second time was when they showed understanding and took over the hosting of this year’s EYOF in order to give Sarajevo and East Sarajevo enough time to bring the infrastructure and other organisational arrangements in line with Olympic standards.

Mayor Skaka clearly expressed this to the Turkish Skiing Federation officials as well as the Mayor of Erzurum Mehmet Sekmen, with whom he will have a separate meeting.Representatives of the EYOF 2019 Executive Committee, who are also in Erzurum, are closely following all preparations by Turkish hosts, in order to gain the necessary experiences for 14th EYOF to be held in Sarajevo and East Sarajevo.

Representatives of the City of Sarajevo and EYOF company presented the program of acitivites of the forthcoming European Youth Olympic Festival to the members of EOC Coordination Committee

The representatives of the City of Sarajevo and EYOF company presented the report on the undertaken activities to date at the General Assembly of the European Olympic Committee in Minsk, as well as future steps with regard to speeding up the activities in the preparation of EYOF Sarajevo and East Sarajevo 2019. Apart from the representatives of the City and EYOF, the meeting was attended by the members of OC BiH headed by president Marijan Kvesić, and EYOG manager Katerina Nicova and member of the EOC Commission Josef Liba.

The visit to the host cities by the acting president of EOC Janez Kocijančić and the members of Coordination Committee, the purpose of which is to determine the progress  of preparations and meet the officials of government institutions at all levels, was announced on this occasion.

The European Olympic Committee is satisfied with the financial guarantees for EYOF 2019 provided so far by BiH authorities

Predstavnici Evropskog olimpijskog komiteta, koji su održali svoj 37. seminar u španskom gradu Taragoni, izrazili su zadovoljstvo do sada osiguranim finansijskim garancijama bh. nivoa vlasti za organizaciju Evropskog zimskog omladinskog olimpijskog festivala – EYOF 2019. u Sarajevu i Istočnom Sarajevu. EOK očekuje još i finansijsku garanciju Vlade Republike Srpske kako bi se zatvorila finansijska konstrukcija Projekta. Tokom sastanka je istaknuto da je potrebno intenzivirati sve neophodne mjere i konkretne aktivnosti do dolaska Komisije EOK-a, koja će u septembru ove godine posjetiti domaćine EYOF-a 2019 te izvršiti procjenu na osnovu zatečenog stanja.

4.67 million BAM are secured for EYOF 2019

Gradonačelnik Sarajeva Ivo Komšić sa zamjenikom Abdulahom Skakom prisustvovao je sastanku na temu EYOF 2019. održanom danas u  Ministarstvu civilnih poslova Bosne i Hercegovine, u cilju rješavanja zahtjeva Evropskog olimpijskog komiteta (EOK) da organizatori ovog festivala obezbjede finansijsku garanciju za budžet u visini od 12.000.000 KM. Sastanku su prisustvovali i ministar civilnih poslova BiH Adil Osmanović, koji je predsjedavao sastankom, pomoćnik ministra za sport Suvad Džafić, ministrica kulture i sporta FBiH Zora Dujmović, ministar kulture i sporta KS Mirvad Kurić, šef kabineta gradonačelnika Istočno Sarajevo Veselin Mijanović, predsjednik OKBiH Marijan Kvesić sa potpredsjednicima Izetom Rađom i Sinišom Kisićem, generalni sekretar OKBiH Said Fazlagić i direktor EYOF 2019. d.o.o. Samir Avdić.

The Ministry of Family, Youth and Sports of Republika Srpska confirmed its support to the EYOF 2019

U fokusu radne posjete predsjednika OK BIH Marijana Kvesića, potpredsjednika OK BIH Sinišu Kisića i generalnog sekretara OK BIH Saida Fazlagića ministrici za porodicu, omladinu i sport Republike Srpske Jasmini Davidović bio je Evropski omladinski olimpijski festival (EYOF), čiji će domaćin biti gradovi Sarajevo i Istočno Sarajevo 2019. godine. Ministrica Davidović je potvrdila da je EYOF 2019. dobio potpunu podršku i saglasnost resornog ministarstva Republike Srpske.

EYOF 2019 will show that the coordination mechanism principles are possible and effective in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Na redovnom sastanku predsjednika OK BiH Marijana Kvesića, potpredsjednika OK BiH Izeta Rađe i Siniše Kisića, zamjenika gradonačelnika Sarajeva Abdulaha Skake, predstavnika gradova Sarajeva i Istočnog Sarajeva, te EYOF-a, zaključeno je da su napravljeni kvalitetni pomaci u smislu uključivanja svih nivoa vlasti u organizaciju Evropskog omladinskog olimpijskog festivala 2019. Posebno ohrabruje informacija da je premijer FBiH Fadil Novalić podržao organizaciju najvećeg sportskog događaja poslije sarajevske Olimpijade 1984. godine. U tom smislu očekuje se da i Federalna vlada na jednoj od svojih narednih sjednica podrži organizaciju  EYOF-a 2019. što bi bio još jedan signal Evropskom olimpijskom komitetu da su u pripreme ovog važnog događaja uključeni svi nivoi vlasti u BiH.