Mayor of Sarajevo Abdulah Skaka extends his best wished on the occasion of the month of Ramadan

On the occasion of the month of Ramadan, Mayor of Sarajevo Abdulah Skaka expressed his best wishes to Husein ef. Kavazović MA, the Grand Mufti of the Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Enes Ljevaković Ph.D., Sarajevo Mufti, and Dr. Ferid Dautović, Grand Imam of the Majlis of the Islamic Community in Sarajevo and all Muslim believers in Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

„I extend my best wishes on the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan to you and all the Muslims of Bosnia and Herzegovina. I wish all of you to spend it in peace and joy together with all those closest to you, your friends and neighbours. The month of fasting is an opportunity for the believers to dedicate themselves to the strengthening of their own spiritual and moral values, to bring strength and optimism to their lives, strengthen mutual respect and appreciation, and make solidarity the basis of collective prosperity of the whole community and society”, stressed Mayor Skaka on the occasion of the forthcoming month of Ramadan.


Mayor Skaka received the Ambassador of Kuwait

Mayor of Sarajevo Abdulah Skaka received the Ambassador of Kuwait in Bosnia and Herzegovina H.E. Nasser Reden Al Motairi.

On this occasion, Mayor Skaka noted the importance of the friendly relations between Sarajevo and Kuwait, stressing that there is a need for continued development of cooperation.

ambasador kuvajta - 101689

The two sides expressed their readiness to improve cooperation in different fields through projects, whereby Ambassador Al Motairi suggested that the City of Sarajevo delivers project proposals which the City plans to implement in the forthcoming period, in order to present them to the Kuwaiti government.


Cooperation between Sarajevo and Islamabad to be intensified


That the cities of Sarajevo and Islamabad have great potential for future cooperation was the conclusion of today’s meeting between the Mayor of Sarajevo Abdulah Skaka and Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan to Bosnia and Herzegovina H.E. Salim Nawaz. The Ambassador stressed that Pakistan is very interested in the cooperation with the City of Sarajevo at cultural and business levels.

Mayor Skaka expressed his readiness to cooperate with Pakistan in the aforementioned fields. “Culture is the best way for people to get to know each other” said Skaka.

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Ambassador expressed how delighted he was with Sarajevo and the warmth of Sarajevans, and invited Mayor Skaka to pay a visit to Pakistan in the coming period.

The exhibition „Plečnik’s Ljubljana“ was officially opened last night at the City Hall

The exhibition „Plečnik’s Ljubljana“ was opened last night at the Sarajevo City Hall, featuring the art work by the great Slovene and European architect Jože Plečnik (1872-1957), who left an important trace in the architecture of the capital city of Slovenia and beyond.

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The exhibition was organized by the Slovene Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in cooperation with the Slovene Ministry of Culture, Museum of Architecture and Design Ljubljana, and the Museum and Gallery of the City of Ljubljana (Plečnik’s House), with the support of the city of Sarajevo.

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The visitors were greeted by the Deputy Mayor Milan Trivić on behalf of the city of Sarajevo as one of the exhibition organisers, saying that Plečnik had been one of the best artists in Europe in the 20th century.

Plečnik izložba 101676

The exhibition was proclaimed open by Bosnian and Herzegovinian architect of Slovene ancestry Ivan Štraus.

Plečnik izložba 101677

The Slovene Ambassador to BiH Izstok Grmek said at the opening of the exhibition that 2017 is celebrated in Slovenia as Plačnik’s year, marking the 145 years from the birth and 60 years from the death of this great Central and Southeast European architect.

Plečnik izložba 101675

The Bosnian and Herzegovinian architect Nihad Babović said of Plačnik that he was a quiet man, who lead a modest, ascetic life, and who was born and lived through turbulent times, but who, at the same time, was an artist of European values and old, traditional craftsmanship, who worked tirelessly and left an indelible trace primarily in Ljubljana, but also in Vienna, Prague…

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He left an enormous trace in Ljubljana already in the period from 1926 to 1941, said the guest from Ljubljana architect Barbara Rozman Bider.

The exhibition “Plačnik’s Ljubljana”, the goal of which is to promote the architect’s artistic creation and candidature of his works for UNESCO’s cultural and natural heritage list will be open until June 8th 2017.

The opening of Swissôtel was announced in the Sarajevo City Hall

„One of the main goals of the city administration is the development of tourism. It will certainly be one of the fastest growing industries in Bosnia and Herzegovina. I would like to thank all of you who participated in this project and who came here“ said Mayor Skaka at the today’s press conference in the City Hall on the occasion of the presentation of the Swissôtel which will be opened by Al Shiddi Group in cooperation with one of the greatest hotel companies in the world AccorHotels.

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The owner of Al-Shiddi Group Sulaiman Al-Shiddi said that with the building of this hotel Sarajevo will become even more attractive and beautiful to many tourists and guests from around the world. „Through this brand and our collective efforts we wish to ensure Bosnia and Herzegovina’s place as a destination of special, engaging and luxurious tourism“ said Al Shiddi.

It was stressed at the conference that Swissotel is a global luxury hotel chain with 5 plus stars, which will position Bosnia and Herzegovina as a new prestigious tourist destination.


Al Shiddi 101669

Senior President for development of luxury hotels AccorHotels François Baudin stated that entering BiH market is an exciting addition to their brand.

Al Shiddi 101671

“We want to further develop our brand through the network of hotels in the Balkans and Eastern Europe. I am convinced that the quality of our services and the unique experience that we offer in our hotels will be recognized by all citizens of this country” said Baudin.

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Delegation of the Republic of Azerbaijan paid a visit to the Mayor of Sarajevo

The Mayor of the City of Sarajevo Abdulah Skaka met today with the Deputy Minister of Economy of Azerbaijan who visited our country on the occasion of the 8th Sarajevo Business Forum.

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The topic of the meeting was bilateral cooperation with special emphasis on cooperation between Baku and Sarajevo.

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The capital cities of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Azerbaijan have sister city relations which date back to 1972. Since that time, both cities have gone through great historic changes and today they both cherish tolerance, coexistence and religious diversity, which are manifested by numerous sacral buildings.

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Mr. Skaka and Mammadov agreed that there is a need to intensify cooperation and determined the first steps in that direction.

Reception was held for participants of 8th Sarajevo Business Forum at Sarajevo City Hall

Reception was held for participants of 8th Sarajevo Business Forum at Sarajevo City Hall last night. The hosts were the Mayor of the City of Sarajevo Mr. Abdulah Skaka and CEO of Bosnia Bank International (BBI) Amer Bukvić, who wished the participants successful work at the Forum, fruitful investment opportunities and a pleasant stay in Sarajevo, the Olympic city which is proud of its history.


The Mayor Skaka and CEO Bukvić presented the certificates of merit and award plaques to prominent individuals for their contribution and tradition of SBF.


During the reception, the fashion designer Adnan Hajrulahović Haad presented his fashion collection entitled “ Huma” after the granddaughter of sultan Bayezid II and Stjepan Kosača. The models were wearing traditional Bosnian clothes with historical design.


Sarajevo Business Forum is recognized as one of the most important business and investment events in Southeast Europe. It will be held on 22 and 23 May, under the patronage of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is traditionally organized by Bosnia Bank International in cooperation with Islamic Development Bank. This year, it is expected that more than a thousand leading investors and businessmen from all over the world will attend the event.


This international conference has become a global platform for promotion of projects and entrepreneurship, analysis and project preparations and an adequate presentation of economic potential, as well as networking of businessmen and investors on institutional and individual level.


The first Austrian ball was opened at the City Hall

The first Austrian ball was opened in Sarajevo City Hall last night, in the organization of the City of Vienna and the City of Sarajevo, and the Austrian Embassy in BIH. Sarajevo has become one of the 40 cities in the world which hosted this event.

The Mayor of the City of Sarajevo Mr. Abdulah Skaka welcomed many officials, diplomats, ministers, leaders of the Sarajevo Canton and the city municipalities, councilors from Vienna, guests from BIH and abroad.

,,Tonight’s unique event at the City Hall is a testimony of friendship of the two cities and their citizens, and the continuation of good cooperation between Vienna and Sarajevo”, Skaka pointed out.

The Ambassador of Austria in BIH, H.E. Martin Pammer said that the main reasons for organizing this event were the friendly ties between the two countries and their capital cities of Sarajevo and Vienna, as well as marking of the 150 years of the waltz On the Beautiful Blue Danube, which ,according to the Ambassador, is the second national anthem of Austria in a way.

Participants of the event were also welcomed by the councilor from Vienna, Mr. Ernest Woller, who conveyed cordial greetings from the Mayor Michael Haupl, and emphasized that in the introductory part of the ball a blend between Bosnian-Herzegovinian and Vienna culture was created.


The first Austrian ball in Sarajevo was opened with the national anthem of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Austria, and the performance of the Ode of Joy. The introductory part was made up of long lines of dancing couples and members of the folk dance associations, followed by the performance of folk dances from Bosnia and Herzegovina by KUD ,,Baščaršija”, while the Vienna Opera Ball Orchestra conducted by maestro Uwe Theimera performed the Viennese waltz.

Mayor Skaka met with Yalçin Topçu Adviser to the President of the Republic of Turkey

The Mayor of Sarajevo Abdulah Skaka met with Yalçin Topçu, the Advisor to the President of the Republic of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdoğan yesterday at the Presidential Palace. The main topics of the meeting were continuation and improvement of the existing good relations between Turkey and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

predsjednička palata ankara

Mayor Skaka said that Bosnia and Herzegovina appreciates everything that Turkey had done for Bosnia and Herzegovina, stressing that the partnership between the two countries should be given special emphasis particularly in the field of economy.

“For the past few years conditions have been met for cooperation with Turkish companies, considering that the Turkish market is of the greatest importance for the economic development  of our country” said Skaka.


predsjednička palata 3

Advisor Topçu mentioned the visits of President Erdoğan to China and the United States, stressing that they are important not just for Turkey but for many other countries including Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“The geostrategic and political positions of Turkey are also important for the Balkan countries, as well as Africa and the Middle East, considering that Turkey is the promoter of the policy of reconciliation, freedom, justice on behalf of all of those countries” said Topçu.


Mayor Skaka paid an official visit to Ankara

Mayor of Sarajevo Abdulah Skaka met with the Mayor of Ankara Melih Gokçek who gave a cordial welcome to the delegation of the City of Sarajevo. Mayor Skaka reminded that Sarajevo and Ankara signed the Sister City Agreement in 1994, with the aim of promoting and strengthening friendly ties between the Republic of Turkey and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and establishing and spreading of cooperation between the capital cities of the two states. At today’s meeting, the two sides agreed that there is a need to further  intensify the cooperation.

„There is an ongoing discussion with Ankara concerning certain projects which we expect to be realized soon, however the City of Sarajevo values greatly the exchange of knowledge and experiences in the field of urban infrastructure and utility services“, stressed Skaka.

According to Mayor Gokçek there is a great mutual trust and friendship between these two countries, and the cooperation between the two capital cities Sarajevo and Ankara is particularly important for maintaining and upgrading it.

During the visit Mayor Skaka met with the manager of TIKA for Balkans and Eastern Europe Mahmut Cevik, and thanked for the long lasting support that TIKA has provided to our country. The topic of the meeting were ongoing projects in Sarajevo and the priorities in the forthcoming period.

„The communication with local authorities is very important, because in that way we can jointly determine the guidelines on what needs to be done to achieve concrete results.“ said Mahmut Cevik.

The BiH Ambassador to Turkey H.E. Bakir Sadović attended all the official meetings together with the delegation of the city of Sarajevo and he will also attend the meetings planned to take place in Konya.

According to plan, Mayor Skaka will have a meeting today with Tahir Akyürek, the Mayor of Konya.