Skaka headed the delegation of Sarajevo in Zagreb: strengthening of ties between two cities of strategic importance for good relations between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia


Today, the City of Sarajevo Delegation paid an official visit to Zagreb, where strengthening of cooperation was agreed between the two cities, which is of strategic importance for good relations between the two neighbouring and sovereign countries.

During the visit the Mayor of Sarajevo Abdulah Skaka met with the Mayor of Zagreb Milan Bandić, and discussed with him the specific ways of cooperation and establishment of closer ties between the two capital cities. Since 2001 and the signing of Cooperation Agreement between Sarajevo and Zagreb, there is a framework for connecting the two cities.

The two mayors discussed, among other things, the possibilities of cooperation in different fields, from economy, promotion and development of tourism to cultural exchange. It was concluded that there is room for joint organization of large-scale events, and cooperation in organizing some of the best organized regional events such as New Year’s Eve celebration in Sarajevo or Advent in Zagreb. Furthermore, they discussed the inclusion of the two cities in a joint tourist route.

Special attention was dedicated to exchange of experiences in using EU pre-accession funds.
-Sarajevo and Zagreb have cherished very deep friendly and partner ties and we would like to continue and improve them. The region is in the focus of our international cooperation framework. We would like to use every positive opportunity and good will in the best interest of citizens of the two capitals. I would like to stress the importance of cooperation in the area of pre-accession funds, and I have made a suggestion to Zagreb to share their experiences with us – said Mayor Skaka.

Mayor of Zagreb, Milan Bandić stressed the strategic importance of quality relations between Zagreb and Sarajevo for the overall ties between the two countries. He stressed that there is a will for improvement of the said cooperation.

Mayor Skaka has thanked the City of Zagreb, which every year hosts primary school students from Sarajevo during the summer holidays in Novi Vinodolski. Skaka made a proposal for the City of Sarajevo to be the host of primary school students from Zagreb during the winter holidays at the Olympic Mountains.

Panel discussion “Treaty of Rome 60 years later: Four Freedoms in Everyday Lives of Citizens”


The panel titled “Treaty of Rome – 60 years Later: Four Freedoms in Everyday Lives of Citizens” was held today in the City Hall as one of the activities within the project “Rome and Sarajevo for Europe”.

The panelists included the academic Mirko Pejanović, Azra Hadžiahmetović Ph.D.Econ, Edin Dilberović, Director of the Directorate for European Integration, and Lejla Ramić Mesihović on behalf of the Foreign Affairs Initiative, with Nedžma Džananović in the role of mediator. The panelists discussed the geopolitical, economic and administrative aspects of the EU enlargement, and drew interesting parallels between the time when the European Union was formed and the present period focusing on the processes that our country had gone through until now and what is to be expected in the forthcoming period in the process of enlargement.

The City of Sarajevo in partnership with the City of Rome and other partners is implementing the project “RoSaE”, financed within the framework of the programme “Europe for Citizens”. The project implementation, which started in 2017 has specific significance since last year marked the 60th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Rome” said Dragana Solaković, Assistant to Mayor .
The project aims to raise awareness of the citizens of Rome and Sarajevo about the importance of the four freedoms introduced under the Treaty of Rome from 1957, and their contribution to the development of multicultural, democratic and free Europe in which people could live peacefully.

The goal of the project “Rome and Sarajevo for Europe” is to deepen the knowledge about the history of the European Union, to promote European values, and increase the participation of citizens in the democratic processes. The goal of the project is to build the bridge between the city of Rome and the city of Sarajevo which have different histories, but share the same European values and perspective.

The today’s panel was held within the framework of project activities, which also include the training of civil servants on the same topic in May. A study visit to the European institutions in Brussels is also planned.

Mayor Skaka received the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


During the meeting with the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Hani bin Abdullah M. Mominah, the Mayor of Sarajevo Abdulah Skaka discussed the establishing of quality cooperation between the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the partner from Saudi Arabia.

The topics under discussion included the plans for strengthening ties and implementation of specific activities in the forthcoming period, with the goal of forging more specific partner relations.

“We sincerely appreciate everything that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has done for Bosnia and Herzegovina to date, particularly for Sarajevo, during the period of reconstruction. We would like for these relations to evolve into partner cooperation based on mutual interest, economic development, with the emphasis on cooperation in the field of tourism. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Bosnia and Herzegovina has implemented many projects, especially in Sarajevo” said Mayor Skaka.

The friendly relations with Saudi Arabia represent a tradition which Sarajevo will continue to foster and cherish. The members of the diplomatic corps of Saudi Arabia also expressed the desire to establish stronger cooperation and create an official framework, which would be elaborated in the future.

Mayor Abdulah Skaka received the introductory visit from the new Slovene Ambassador H.E. Zorica Bukinac


“The cities of Sarajevo and Ljubljana have a long history of very good friendly and partner relations” said the Mayor of Sarajevo Abdulah Skaka during the introductory visit from Zorica Bukinac, the newly appointed Ambassador of the Republic of Slovenia to Bosnia and Herzegovina. The cooperation ranges from economy to tourism, sport and culture.

During the meeting at the Sarajevo City Hall, Mayor Skaka and Ambassador Bukinac agreed that there is a need to continue the nurturing of close and meaningful relations to the mutual benefit.
“We have regular contacts with the Mayor of Ljubljana Mr. Zoran Janković. We implemented numerous cooperation projects and we plan to continue in this fashion. The Embassy of Slovenia in Bosnia and Herzegovina was of great assistance to us.” said Skaka
Mayor Skaka wished Ambassador Bukinac all the best in her new diplomatic post.


Non-resident Ambassador of the Kingdom of Thailand to Bosnia and Herzegovina paid a visit to Mayor Skaka


Non-resident Ambassador of the Kingdom of Thailand to Bosnia and Herzegovina H.E. Jakkrit Srivali visited the Mayor of Sarajevo Abdulah Skaka at the Sarajevo City Hall today. During the meeting it was concluded that there are a lot of areas for improvement of ties especially in the field of tourism and cultural exchange.

Mayor Skaka emphasized the importance of the last year’s visit by Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn of Thailand, who paid a visit to the City Hall on that occasion.

Mayor Skaka informed the guests about the progress of infrastructural projects in the City of Sarajevo and the plans for the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina to become the economic and tourist centre of the region. Ambassador Srivali is the nonresidential Ambassador for Bosnia and Herzegovina stationed in Budapest.

Opening the door to cooperation: Mayors of Sarajevo and Doha signed the Twinning Agreement between the two cities

Sarajevo, the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Doha, the capital city of the State of Qatar are twin cities from now on.

The Mayor of Sarajevo Abdulah Skaka and the Mayor of Doha Jamal Matar Al Naimi have signed the Twinning Agreement between the two cities in a ceremony in Qatar. The signing was attended by the Chairman of the BiH Council of Ministers Denis Zvizdić and the Prime Minister of Qatar Sheikh Abdullah bin Naser bin Khalifa Al Thani.

The Twinning Agreement has set the framework for improvement of relations and extension of cooperation in different fields ranging from economy and development to culture and sport exchange between the two capital cities.

Doha is a city with over 1.3 million inhabitants and it is one of the world’s financial and investment centers. Establishing connections with Sarajevo is a big step towards strengthening ties not only between cities but also between peoples and countries as a whole.

The Mayor of Sarajevo Abdulah Skaka had stressed at the start of his mandate that the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina would strive to establish twin city relationships with state capital cities first and foremost, with the intention of achieving visible benefits for the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina.



Mayor Skaka headed the Sarajevo city delegation during the official visit to Muscat, capital city of Sultanate Oman


Upon invitation by Mohsin Mohamed Al-Shaikh, the Mayor of Muscat, the capital city of Sultanate Oman, the delegation of the City of Sarajevo, headed by the Mayor Abdulah Skaka paid an official three-day visit to the capital city of Sultanate Oman. This visit was the result of previously established contacts between the two mayors.

Apart from the representatives of the City of Sarajevo, the delegation consisted of representatives of Bosnian and Herzegovinian businesses who had the opportunity to present the potentials of our country in the field of tourism, food industry, wood processing industry, construction and banking during the visit.

“With this visit the City of Sarajevo has opened the doors for our entrepreneurs to cooperate with Oman which has shown great interest in our country. The hosts showed their interest in projects from different fields with a focus on tourism, education and investments, as evident from the meeting with Abdulsalam Al-Murshidi General Manager of the State General Reserve Fund and Investment and Development Agency” stressed Mayor Skaka.

A return visit is expected to take place in the forthcoming period to present the natural resources and development possibilities in the fields of energy, agriculture, food industry and tourism through specific projects.

This successful visit, implemented in cooperation with the BBI VIP Business Club, has once again shown that Sarajevo is a brand that can open the doors of cooperation across the world, as well as that Sarajevo has all the potentials to become the economic, social and educational hub of Southeast Europe through strategic action.

The Delegation of the Chinese city of Tianjin paid a visit to Sarajevo – sister city relations to be strengthened to mutual benefit


City of Sarajevo officials headed by the Mayor Abdulah Skaka welcomed the high level delegation of the City of Tianjin, our sister city in China headed by Zhao Haishan, Deputy Mayor. The reception was also attended by the Ambassador of PR China Chen Bo.

For more than 30 years the City of Sarajevo has nurtured sister city relations with this Chinese city.

Among other things, Mayor Skaka emphasized very good cooperation that the City of Sarajevo has with the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Sarajevo.

-Our countries, peoples and cities have a friendly relationship, and for the past few years cooperation has been established in different fields, especially in the field of science, education and development of modern technologies. We are convinced that this communication and cooperation can be more concrete and brought to an even higher level to our mutual benefit.

He stressed that the focus of future cooperation will be in the field of tourism, culture and education. Furthermore, they discussed the need of better transport connections and establishment of direct plane flights, and visa liberalization.

The guests invited the City of Sarajevo to participate in a great international event, similar to the World economic Forum in Davos, which will be organized at the end of June this year in Tianjin.

What is more, Sarajevo was invited to participate at the International Tourism Fair in Tianjin to be held at the end of the year. The Chinese delegation was comprised of representatives of institutions of the city of Tianjin responsible for foreign affairs, trade and sport.


Mayor Abdulah Skaka met with the Ambassador of United Kingdom H.E. Edward Ferguson

The Mayor of Sarajevo Abdulah Skaka met with the UK Ambassador H.E. Edward Ferguson today, and the main topic of discussion was the project „Connecting Cities of the United Kingdom and Western Balkans through Digital Technology“ (Digital Cities) funded by the UK government, and implemented by the British Council.

Namely, at the end of January an event will be held in London with the emphasis on connecting cities, cooperation and exchange of experiences in the field of digital technologies. This programme will connect 12 cities from across United Kingdom with 12 cities from Western Balkans. The Bosnian and Herzegovinian capital is among the 12 cities from the region nominated for this programme. Mayor Skaka informed the Ambassador about the preparatory activities of the city of Sarajevo, emphasizing that the Smart City Project is among the top 10 priorities, and that it had been adopted as such as part of the document „City of Sarajevo Policy“ for the period 2016-2020.

Ambassador Ferguson stressed that the Embassy of the United Kingdom has initiated the project, the goal of which is to support the development of the digital sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and that in this project the cities have a very important role in terms of connecting businesses, educational institutions and public administrations. Furthermore, one of the discussed topics was the need to establish a direct flight between London and Sarajevo with the goal of improving communication and business links, particularly to promote tourist potential.

In view of the determination of the city administration to specifically strengthen cooperation and partner relations with capital cities of Europe and the world, the two sides agreed to undertake specific activities with the goal of strengthening ties and cooperation in the forthcoming period between the capital cities of the United Kingdom and Bosnia and Herzegovina.


The City of Sarajevo provided support for the Diplomatic Winter Bazaar and it will have a stand with traditional Bosnian products and souvenirs there


The Diplomatic Winter Bazaar, one of the greatest humanitarian events in Bosnia and Herzegovina, will be held on Saturday December 9, from 11.00 to 16.00 hours at the „Mirza Delibašić“ sports hall in Sarajevo.

This year the Diplomatic Winter Bazaar will gather embassies and international organisations from Bosnia and Herzegovina who have come together to help children in need across Bosnia and Herzegovina. The City of Sarajevo supported this noble event, at which Ms Majda Skaka, the wife of the Mayor Abdulah Skaka, will also take part.

The Winter Diplomatic Bazaar is an opportunity for visitors to taste food and buy souvenirs from across the world, and the spouses of ambassadors and diplomatic representatives in Bosnia and Herzegovina, among others, take part in this event. The City of Sarajevo’s stand will offer traditional Bosnian and Herzegovinian products, souvenirs, literature, postcards of Sarajevo, with the aim of collecting as much funds as possible for humanitarian purposes.

This year around 40 embassies and international organisations, and around 60 non-governmental organisations will participate in the bazaar. The ticket price will be 5 BAM. Entrance will be free for children under 10 accompanied by an adult, and free activities designed especially for “little princesses and princes” will be in store for them.