The new cable car was opened in the presence of over 300 guests, officials and members of delegations from across the world

The new Trebević cable car was opened as part of the ceremony on the occasion of April 6th, the Day of the City of Sarajevo in the presence of over 300 officials, guests and citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina and journalists from across the world. The cable car was ceremonially put into operation by Edmond Offermann, the main donor and the Mayor of Sarajevo Abdulah Skaka.

This is the biggest infrastructural and development project implemented by the City of Sarajevo in the post-war period. 20 million BAM were invested in the reconstruction, out of which 7 million were donated by Mr. Offermann. The Mayor of Sarajevo Abdulah Skaka thanked all delegations, guests and citizens of Sarajevo.

“Today, Sarajevo is the centre of the region. I was supposed to prepare a speech, but I will speak from my heart instead. I will be emotional and too personal but the occasion allows for it ” said Skaka.

Obraćanje gradonačelnika Abdulaha Skake na otvaranju Žičare

Dodjela priznanja Muhamedu Hamamdžiću, najstarijem radniku prijeratne sarajevske Žičare

“We are reconstructing the last destroyed symbol of Sarajevo. We are building and talking about emotions here; we are taking down the invisible border here and working jointly on building Bosnia and Herzegovina and on reconciliation of peoples. That is our mission, we are here today to show that we are hardworking people” said Skaka stressing that this is a turning point from the period of the reconstruction of the city to the period of building and development of new Sarajevo.

The Mayor emphasized that the project of reconstruction of the Trebević Cable Car could not have been realized without Mr. Edmond Offermann and his wife Maja.

“Maja is crying now although we agreed that she would not cry. Thank you Mr. and Mrs Offermann” said Skaka.

The main donor of the Trebević cable car Edmond Offermann spoke about the year 2008 when he decided to help the reconstruction of the Cable Car.

“My moto in life is “know what you have, know what you want and you will have it”. Here we are 10 years later and this is the result of that telephone call. Yes, we can!” said Offermann. The audience was also addressed by Muhamed Hamamdžić, who worked for 35 years at the Trevbević cable car facility, who was awarded with a special recognition. He presented the workers of the new cable car with a special certificate.

Uručenje povelje uposlenicima nove Trebevičke žičare

Among others, the ceremony was attended by Šefik Džaferović, Deputy Chairman of the BiH Parliament House of Representatives, Safet Softić Deputy Chairman of the BiH Parliament House of Peoples and state ministers Semiha Borovac and Ismir Jusko, Prime Minister of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Fadil Novalić, Minister of the Interior Aljoša Čampara, Prime Minister of Sarajevo Canton Adem Zolj and many other state, entity, cantonal and municipal officials.

Furthermore, many delegations of sister and partner cities have lent solemnity to the occasion. Among other guests, those in attendance included the mayors of Vienna, Ankara, Zagreb, Skopje, delegations of Moscow, Ljubljana, Budapest, Doha, Innsbruck, Magdeburg, Dubrovnik, Pula, Prato, Novi Pazar, Goražde and Brčko Dictrict. The opening was attended by representatives of the Diplomatic corps and many public figures including, among others, the High Representative Valentin Inzko, and the coach of the Bosnian and Herzegovinian national football team Robert Prosinečki.

After the opening, the guests had a chance to enjoy in the panoramic ride on the cable car. The installation of the cable car has 33 cabins, its capacity is 1200 persons, and the driving speed is 5 meters per second, which means that the ride lasts approximately seven minutes. The capacity of one cabin is 10 persons and the loading capacity is 750 kg.

There are 10 pillars from the first to the last stop. The distance between cabins is 150 meters, and it can operate with 50% capacity. This means that it can operate with 16 cabins along the route with the distance of 300 m.

The Trebević Cable Car will bring the closest and favourite resort of Sarajevans – Mount Trebević – back to life. The view of the city from Trebević is spectacular and all visitors can enjoy in the clean air. After 26 years the Trebević Cable Car was once again opened for all Sarajevans and guests of the city. The Cable Car was destroyed at the beginning of the siege.



The signing of Contract between the City of Sarajevo and Italian company Leitner marks the official beginning of construction of Trebević Cable Car

The signing of the Contract on development of main design, delivery of equipment and putting into operation of the cable car between Mayor of Sarajevo Ivo Komšić and representative of Leitner Company, Dominic Bosio at the City Administration Office marks the official beginning of construction works on the Trebević cable car.

“This is a very important day for Sarajevo. The cable car will be built by the Italian company Leitner, which was chosen as the most favourable contractor through international tender announced by the City of Sarajevo. Furthermore, Leitner is one of the leading companies for designing, production and assembly of cable cars”, stressed Mayor Komšić at the press conference held after the Contract signing.

The official representative of the donor Mr. Offermann, Armin Rustanbegović, who was also present at the press conference, said that as of today the donor funds are available and that advance payment will be made to the account of Lietner Company, in order that the construction works could start without delay.

The press conference participants stated that the Trebević Cable Car will be the most modern facility to operate in Sarajevo. It will consist of 33 cabins, with 10 seats each, and the loading capacity of 1 200 passengers per hour. Instead of former 12 minutes riding time, the new cable car will reach Trebević in just 7 minutes 15 seconds. In contrast to the old cable car, the new cable car will not create noise, it will consume less energy and be environmentally-friendly.

The cabins are in fact panoramic gondolas, which can be used day and night, or as a convoy if appropriate during festive events in the city. Deputy Mayor Skaka announced that the Leitner Company will deliver one gondola in seven to ten days, to be put on display in front of the City Hall in order that the citizens of Sarajevo could see how it will look like.