The 13th European Youth Olympic Festival (EYOF) where six (6) Bosnian and Herzegovinian athletes: Martin Kamenica, Dino Terzić, Emina Husić, Sara Šišić, Miloš Čolić and Strahinja Erić will compete,  is taking place in the Turkish city of Erzurum until February 18th .

City of Sarajevo Delegation, headed by Mayor Abdulah Skaka, also attended the Opening Ceremony. Atmosphere was especially emotional during the procession of athletes from Bosnia and Herzegovina, who received the same ovations as the Turkish national team.



The cities of Sarajevo and East Sarajevo have a good reason to show their respect to the friends from Turkey who had shown their friendship twice. The first time was when they withdrew from the competition for EYOF 2017 in favour of Sarajevo, knowing that they were facing a candidate with Olympic experience, and the second time was when they showed understanding and took over the hosting of this year’s EYOF in order to give Sarajevo and East Sarajevo enough time to bring the infrastructure and other organisational arrangements in line with Olympic standards.

Mayor Skaka clearly expressed this to the Turkish Skiing Federation officials as well as the Mayor of Erzurum Mehmet Sekmen, with whom he will have a separate meeting.Representatives of the EYOF 2019 Executive Committee, who are also in Erzurum, are closely following all preparations by Turkish hosts, in order to gain the necessary experiences for 14th EYOF to be held in Sarajevo and East Sarajevo.