The Mayor of Istanbul Kadir Topbaş went on a walking tour of Sarajevo from the Eternal Flame to the City Hall accompanied by his host Deputy Mayor Abdulah Skaka, greeting the citizens and tourists who cordially welcomed him. After the noon prayer at Bey’s mosque, they went on a tour of the Gazi Husrev Bey’s Libarry, where he was presented with a reprinted copy of mus’haf of Fadil pasha Šerifović. During the visit to the Museum of Srebrenica he was presented with a Monography on Srebrenica. The author of the photoghraphs displayed at the Museum, Tarik Samarah acquainted the guests with the permanent exhibition showing the Srebrenica genocide.

On their way through Sarači, they stopped at the shop owned by Kalajdžisalihović family, whose tademark for over 200 years have been the „peacock“ slippers. Deputy Mayor Skaka bought a pair for the wife of Kadir Topbaş, whom he had previously called to ask for size and colour. The size was 40 and he chose navy blue among green, wine-red and navy-blue, saying: „Now I can come home late!“.

During the tour of Baščaršija, Topbaş toured Sebilj and Bezistan, making a short stop at Kazandžiluk, where he visited the craft shop of Nasir Jabučar who presented him with a gift – cofee set.

At the end of the tour Mayor Topbaş and Deputy Mayor Skaka visited the City Hall, where he was informed about the history and the process of reconstruction of the symbol of the city and the growing tourist landmark of Sarajevo.