Mayor of Sarajevo Ivo Komšić received today the newly appointed Ambassador of the Swiss Confederation to Bosnia and Herzegovina H.E. Andrea Rauber Saxer and whished her a successful mandate in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the continuation of the good cooperation between the City of Sarajevo and the Embassy of Switzerland in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Mayor Komšić and Ambassador Rauber Saxer agreed that the present cooperation between the City of Sarajevo and Swiss Confederation was very successful and expressed their hope that it will continue in the future. The Ambassador especially emphasized the cooperation in the project „Reactivate Sarajevo“ and presented the Mayor with the invitation to visit the exhibition entitled „Sarajevo now: people’s museum“ by Urban-Think Tank of ETH Zurich and Baier Bischofberger Architects which will be on display until January 31, 2017.

Mayor Komšić thanked the Embassy for the assistance which the Swiss Confederation provided in the past and which it continues to provide, especially for the donation of the cable car equipment from Grächen.