ICTY Information Centre Sarajevo, located at the City Hall was the venue of the one-day lecture for 26 foreign students – who are attending the International Law Summer School “The Role of Transitional Justice in Restoring Human Rights and the Rule of Law in Post-conflict Societies”.

The School was set up as part of the cooperation established between the City of Sarajevo and the Sarajevo Law Faculty through the signing of Memorandum of Understanding in June this year.

The attendants of the Summer School organized by the University of Sarajevo Law Faculty, Association “Pravnik” and “Konrad Adenauer” Foundation were pre-graduate and post -graduate students from Spain, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Russia, Ukraine, Switzerland, Hungary and Albania.


During the lectures and interactive lesson, the students acquired knowledge about the role of the ICTY in the development and improvement of international humanitarian and criminal code, which had in the 24 years of its operation developed a universally accepted standards and practices of conflict resolution, prosecution of war criminals and establishing individual culpability for criminal acts of genocide, crimes against humanity, violation of laws and customs of war and grave breaches of the Geneva Conventions.

During their time spent in the Information Centre, the ICS staff showed the students the permanent exhibition “The Siege of Sarajevo through the Judgments of the ICTY”, as well as the operation of the base for accessing ICTY archive. They also had a tour of the original courtroom of the ICTY which is on permanent display at the City Hall.