Deputy Mayors of the City of Sarajevo, Mr. Ivica Šarić and Milan Trivić received today the Mayor of Austrian City of Bad Ischl, Mr. Hannes Heide to which the City of Sarajevo has an ongoing partnership since 2 years.

The representatives from the two cities expressed their willingness to improve mutual friendly relations in accordance with the signed Agreement on Cooperation in all areas of interest for the citizens of the two cities, especially in the area of tourism, music, sport, museum and festival.


Similar history links the City of Sarajevo and the City of Bad Ischl. In Sarajevo, the assassination of heir presumptive to the Austro-Hungarian throne took place on June 28, 1914. A month later, on July 28, a manifesto called, To My Peoples was signed in Bad Ischl, announcing the beginning of the First World War. This historic connection between two cities was acknowledged by Agreement of Cooperation.

The former Mayor of the City of Sarajevo, Mr. Ivo Komšić attended today’s reception, during his term of office the cooperation between the two cities was formalized.