Mayor of Sarajevo Abdulah Skaka and the Prefect of the Central Administrative District of Moscow  Vladimir Goverdovskiy signed the Protocol on Cooperation in the City Hall with the goal of strengthening the existing relations and developing friendly ties.  The Protocol foresees cooperation in the field of education, culture, sport and tourism, and the exchange of experiences and delegations of experts in the field of utilities and town-planning.

“The Protocol  marks the official beginning of cooperation between our administrations. The next step will be to exchange information and positive experiences, which would serve as basis for development and implementation of specific projects of mutual interest”, stressed the Mayor of Sarajevo.


Skaka suggested holding a concert of Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra in the City Hall.

They also discussed participation at tourism festivals  in Sarajevo and Moscow, in order for their citizens, guests and tourists to get to know the cultural-historic and natural resources of the two cities.

On this occasion, it was agreed  for the Russian journalist to come to Sarajevo, to do a report on the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and in that way bring closer the beauty, life and customs of our city which is currently listed among the top 20 most desirable and most visited tourist destinations in Europe.

Prefect Vladimir Goverdovskiy said that the Central Administrative District of Moscow is open for cooperation with Sarajevo in the field of culture and tourism. “We are also interested in projects in the field of utility services” stressed Goverdovskiy  thanking for the exceptional welcome in Sarajevo.

The signing of the Protocol was attended by the Chairman of the Sarajevo City Council Igor Gavrić, Deputies of the Mayor of Sarajevo Ivica Šarić and Milan Trivić, and Deputies of the Prefect of Central Administrative District of Moscow, Sergey Travkin and Andrey Prishchepov.