The Sarajevo City Council adopted today the initiative proposed by Mayor Abdulah Skaka to name a square or a street in the capital city of BiH after the American senator John McCain who passed away recently.

“Senator John McCain was a great friend of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In difficult times he called for just solutions for our country and saw things the right way.Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina shall in this way ensure that his historic role in the building and development of friendly and brotherly relations between the peoples of BiH and the United States of America is permanently remembered.” said Skaka.

Mayor Skaka informed the city councillors that during his visit to Washington, he had visited the grave of the American senator at the American Navy graveyard in Annapolis where he symbolically placed the flags of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the City of Sarajevo.

“I greatly appreciate his contribution to the great assistance shown to BiH citizens by the American people” said the Mayor, noting that senator McCain paid several visits to the BiH capital city during his political career, and had a special relationship with our country.

During his visit to Washington, the Mayor signed an important Memorandum on Cooperation with the organisation Marshall Legacy Institute, which is a first step in the project of freeing Sarajevo entirely of landmines by 2020.

“We held a series of important talks in the US Congress, the State Department and strengthened Sarajevo’s ties with friends from the US, and opened the possibilities for future cooperation” he added.