City of Sarajevo officials received the Delegation of the Islamic Republic of Iran


Mayor of Sarajevo Abdulah Skaka and the Chairman of the City Council Igor Gavrić, together with the Deputy Chairman of the City Council Edina Gabela received today members of the Commission for Councils and Internal Affairs of the Islamic Advisory Assembly of the Islamic Republic of Iran, who are in Bosnia and Herzegovina on a working visit.

„The great friendship between the peoples of Bosnia and Herzegovina and IR Iran dates back a long time; we have supported each other and we understood each other especially in times of trouble. We must not forget the great contribution and assistance of the Islamic Republic of Iran during the aggression on Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is our desire to maintain and expand the existing relations between Sarajevo and its sister city Tehran“ said Mayor Skaka.

iran 2

Chairman Gavrić acquainted the delegation with the structure and financing of the City of Sarajevo, and the setup of the city especially in the field of town planning and utility infrastructure.

The City of Sarajevo sent a message of support to the citizens of Barcelona with the performance „Barcelona, Sarajevo is with you“


Young artists from Sarajevo have painted a large mural dedicated to our sister city Barcelona, which was last week struck by a terrorist attack, in the Mojmilo residential area in Sarajevo. The mural with painted salamander “Draco”, one of the most prominent symbols of Barcelona bears the inscription “Barcelona, Sarajevo está contigo” (“Barcelona, Sarajevo is with you”).

Mural 8

The City of Sarajevo is the organizer of multimedia performance the goal of which is to show sincere support to the city whose citizens stood by the citizens of BiH capital in the most difficult time for our city.

Mural 5

“I strongly condemn the brutal act committed in Barcelona. This is one more sign that we need to stand in unity in the fight against terrorism, to prevent evil from happening to anyone ever again”, said Mayor Skaka, expressing his deep sympathies to the families of murdered and wounded citizens and tourists in Barcelona”.

Mural 7

The honorary president of “Royal Tennis Club Barcelona 1899” and honorary citizen of the City of Sarajevo Juan Maria Tintore said that today’s performance is one of the most beautiful ways to show compassion with the citizens of Barcelona. The people of Bosnia and Herzegovina and citizens of the capital city have always known how to show solidarity and I am honoured to carry the title of honorary citizen of the city of Sarajevo”, said Tintore.

Mural 4

The ceremony on Barcelona square was also attended by H.E. Juan Bosco Gimenez Soriano, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Spain to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Mural 2

Today’s multimedia performance consisted of the painting of a large mural on the facade of a building on Barcelona square, and a music program by a string quartet.

Mural 1

Istanbul Culture Days in Sarajevo

The event Istanbul Culture Days opened in Sarajevo this evening, with the concert of Turkish singer Emel Sayin at Alija Izetbegovic Square, organized by sister cities Istanbul and Sarajevo.  On this occasion, Mayor of Istanbul, Kadir Topbaş, paid a one day visit to the capital of BiH.

Dani Istanbula 10



Dani Istanbula 2

Dani Istanbula

Dani Istanbula 5

The arrival of this highly important guest from Turkey to Sarajevo confirms once again strong friendly relations and intense cooperation in various fields, from economy and development to culture, between the two cities which are marking 20 years of sister city relations this year.

Dani Istanbula 11

Dani Istanbula 3

The program featuring artists from Istanbul will take place until August 28 at Alija Izetbegović Square, and it will include concerts by the Istanbul City Orchestra, performances of folk dancers from Turkey and concerts of famous Turkish singers Hakan Pekera, Ziynet Sali, Coşkun Karademir and Neşe Demir.

Dani Istanbula 9

Dani istanbula 1

Dani Istanbula 6

The exhibition Istanbul Culture Days was officially opened today in Sarajevo City Hall, and it will be on display from August 25 to September 11.

Dani Istanbula 8

Mayor Skaka and Ambasador Pezzuto: invitation to visit Vatican


Mayor Abdulah Skaka received yesterday the Ambassador of Vatican Mons Luigi Pezzuto and reverend Gaetano Tornese, the parish priest of Cavallino, Italy. Ambassador of Vatican Mons Luigi Pezzuto invited the Mayor to come to Vatican and visit Pope Francis with the delegation of the City of Sarajevo.

Vatikan 3

Mayor Skaka accepted the invitation with great pleasure, expressing his appreciation for everything the Vatican has done for Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina in the most difficult time for our country, as shown by the visit of Pope John Paul II  to Sarajevo in 1997.

Vatikan 2

Furthermore, he emphasized that Pope Francis received the Key of the City of Sarajevo during his visit to Sarajevo in 2015, which is one of the greatest recognitions of the City of Sarajevo.


Mayor Skaka expressed his deepest sympathies to the Mayor of sister city of Barcelona

After today’s terrifying terroristic attack, Mayor of the City of Sarajevo expressed his deepest sympathies to the Mayor and citizens of sister city of Barcelona.

We condemn any act of terrorism, violence and spread of hatred. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of victims and citizens of Barcelona and Spain’’, stressed Mayor Skaka.

Sarajevo and Barcelona have been sister cities for more than 21 years and the City of Barcelona stood by the citizens of BiH capital during the most difficult time for our city.


Mayor Skaka opened the conference: Capital cities as generators of the development process

The Mayor of the City of Sarajevo hosted the mayors and representatives of the capital cities of the region of Western Balkans at the Conference entitled Capital cities as generators of the development process today. This is a highly important meeting the aim of which is to launch a process of strengthening of cooperation and coordination of capital cities that play an increasingly important role in the development of countries, both in the region and the whole of Europe.

Susret gradonačelnika

The meeting held at Hotel Pino Nature on the Olympic Mountain Trebević was attended by mayors and representatives of the mayors of Podgorica, Zagreb, Belgrade, Tirana and Istanbul. Participants of the conference also signed a Joint Statement.

suret (3)

During the Conference, delegations of the capital cities expressed their pleasure with the successful organization of the event, thanking the host for their hospitality and professionalism.

suret (2)

Delegations of the capital cities will attend the opening of the 23rd Sarajevo Film Festival tonight, after the Conference.

The time of the Sarajevo Film Festival was chosen for the meeting of mayors in order to further emphasize the role and potential of Sarajevo, presenting it at the best possible way at a time when it is the cultural and touristic center of the region.

Ambassador of the Kingdom of Norway visited the Mayor of Sarajevo



Mayor Skaka received today the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Norway H.E. Guri Rusten, whereby he expressed his pleasure at the good bilateral relations between Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Kingdom of Norway.

In view of the interests expressed by Ambassador Rusten during today’s meeting, Mayor Skaka talked about the potentials of Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina, the rich cultural- historical heritage, the unity of different religions and cultures, natural attractions.

ambasadorica Norveške 2

„Sarajevo as the capital city has tried and succeeded in positioning itself as the leader of the country, and the region. There are no borders for us, we all strive to join the European Union, to become a part of integrations leading to progress“, said Skaka.

The Mayor also acquainted the Ambassador with the project of the European Youth Olympic Festival (EYOF 2019). „The cities of Sarajevo and East Sarajevo will be the hosts of this important sport event. With this project we have shown that efficient cooperation between Sarajevo and East Sarajevo is possible. It sends a strong message that these cities and this country have a lot to offer through a single integrated project“ said Skaka adding that the two cities are cooperating within the framework of another project titled “Trebević Eko Fest (TEF) – the festival of ecology, sport and music, all in the aim of reviving Trebević.

Ambassador Rusten stressed that positive changes in the city are visible “There are a lot less stray dogs on the streets, the cleaning activities on the banks of Miljacka are a lot more frequent, the citizens are using bicycles as means of transport more and more, which is beneficial both for health and the environment”, said the Ambassador adding that she often uses the opportunity to promote positive developments in Sarajevo during diplomatic meetings.

At the end of the meeting Mayor Skaka offered his support and wished the Ambassador success during her mandate in Bosnia and Herzegovina.