Request for a town planning permit for construction of the Museum of Contemporary Art Ars Aevi was filed

Mayor of Sarajevo Abdulah Skaka and attorney Sanjin Smajlović submitted a request for the issuing of a building permit for construction of the Museum of Contemporary Art Ars Aevi at a site located in Wilson’s Lane, to the head of Municipality Novo Sarajevo Nedžad Koldžo today.

This practically marks the beginning of the process that will result in the construction of a Museum which will house one of the most valuable collections of contemporary art in Europe and the world.

-The construction of the Musuem Ars Aevi, is, without doubt, one of the most important cultural projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Sarajevo in the past few decades. That is why it is one of our top priorities, despite its ambitious scale. Today we have started the process which will enable the beginning of construction by the end of the term of office of this City Administration – said Mayor Skaka.

I am convinced that we will get the support of the Municipality Novo Sarajevo, and all others in BiH so that this city and state could have a museum of contemporary art which would house the Ars Aevi collection consisting of works by some of the greatest world artists.

The meeting with Mr. Koldžo, the head of the Novo Sarajevo Municipality, was attended by Enver Hadžiomerspahić Enjo, the founder of the project who noted that the project is now finally moving in the right direction. The City of Sarajevo has also founded the public institution “Ars Aevi”.

-I am optimistic that our dream will be fulfilled. The mission for Sarajevo to obtain a Museum of Contemporary Art and the valuable works from the collection to be given a permanent home are on the right track – said Hadžiomerspahić.

Sarajevo City Delegation in Zurich: cooperation on the smart city project with the Institute which won 21 Nobel prizes

Sarajevo City Delegation participated last week in the “8 Mini Economic Forum” organized by Matica BiH and “Bi-City Workshop” at ETH Zürich, the most prominent European technical institute which won 21 Nobel prizes.

Bosnian and Swiss partners met and discussed the topics of digitalization, technological development and creation of smart, sustainable and inclusive cities.

It was concluded that, apart from the exchange of know-how and knowledge, there was a need to identify specific implementation projects as a base for future year-long cooperation with the aim of creating future strategic digital urban vision for the City of Sarajevo, and innovative pilot projects in the field of integrated urbanism and architecture (cable car as public transport, mobility, museums and public cultural institutions, campuses etc.) in accordance with the priorities of the City and Canton with broad participation of experts and citizens.

The City Administration together with the Mayor Abdulah Skaka has made official the technical cooperation between Switzerland and Bosnia and Herzegovina in the second half of 2017 through cooperation on the project “Reactivate Sarajevo City Action Lab” with several partners including the Think Tank ETH Zurich”, under the leadership of professors Brillembourg and Klumpner and doctoral candidate Haris Piplaš.The project partners also include the City of Zurich, which ranked second in quality of city life in the Mercer survey; and Matica BiH from Zurich, which gathers BiH citizens in Switzerland who wish to contribute to the development of BiH. The project was supported by SECO (Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs) and Swiss embassy in BiH.

The group of local and international partners will enable the promotion of the City of Sarajevo at the global level and increase the standard of living for the citizens. The decision on the pilot project should be made at the next meeting planned for January 2019 in Sarajevo. Further information on the project can be found at the Reactivate Sarajevo Facebook page and web pages of U-TT and ETH Zurich.

City Mind Lab was established as a place of innovative ideas and solutions for smart Sarajevo

The City of Sarajevo and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) have officially launched the City Mind Lab, the goal of which is to gather our prominent and inspirational citizens, experts from different fields, in the City Hall today.

This group should make inovations and suggestions for innovative ideas and solutions that would make the core for the implementation of the project „Sarajevo Smart City“.

Sarajevo has been a place of innovations and progress for centuries. The establishment of this body will open the possibility for Sarajevo to activate the enormous potential it possesses.

The current City Administration has, from the beginning of its mandate, started and implemented many important city projects. The „Smart Sarajevo“ initiative is one of its priorities, and its implementation will enable Sarajevo to develop best solutions with the goal of improving the equality of life of the citizens of the capital city.

Through this initiative the City of Sarajevo wants not just to reach European trends but to become the leader of those processes in the region and beyond.

The goal of the pilot initiative financed by UNDP is to open up the dialogue between citizens, govrenment officials, the academic community and the private sector about the future development of smart Sarajevo and test innovative solutions for digital town planning, upgrading of public services through the application of new technologies, as well as the so-called „smart“ urban business.

Mayor of Sarajevo received today the Ambassador of PR China for a farewell visit

Mayor of Sarajevo Abdulah Skaka received today the Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China H.E. Chen Bo for a farewell visit, thanking her for the exceptional efforts she had invested in promoting Sarajevo during her mandate in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Mayor particularly stressed the engagement of Ambassador Bo in lifting visa requirements for the citizens of the two countries which came into effect in May this year, resulting in the rise of the number of Chinese tourists visiting Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina. 40.000 arrivals of Chinese tourists were recorded in Sarajevo in the first nine months of this year, which is more than the total number of arrivals recorded in the previous year.

The economic relations between China and Bosnia and Herzegovina were considerably strengthened through the mechanism 16+1, within which the City of Sarajevo established links with Beijing and intensified the relations with his sister city Tianjin in the field of economy, culture, education, with special emphasis on tourism, which can serve as an important engine for the partnership between Sarajevo and Chinese cities” said Mayor Skaka.

The Ambassador said that she will support the idea of Sarajevo hosting the Summit of Mayors of Capital Cities of China and CEEC in 2020.

Ambassador Bo emphasized the support of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China to the hosting of the Winter Sports Festival for University Students from the 16+1 countries and China to be held in Sarajevo and East Sarajevo, the aim of which is to promote winter tourism.

I enjoyed working in Bosnia and Herzegovina, particularly its capital city – Sarajevo during my mandate. I am convinced that we have enriched and expanded our relations particularly since you assumed the office of the Mayor”, said Ambassador Bo.

A step towards the beginning of construction of the Ars Aevi Museum

At the proposal of the Mayor of Sarajevo, Sarajevo City Council passed the decision enabling the beginning of the construction of the Ars Aevi Museum of Contemporary Art.
The city councillors adopted the proposal by the Mayor Abdulah Skaka to lift the ban on construction on the land where the Museum will be built, whereby the City of Sarajevo has made a significant step forward in the implementation of one of the most important cultural projects in post-war Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“This Administration has revived the almost defunct project of the construction of the Ars Aevi Musuem. I believe that the Museum will be built by the end of the mandate of this Administration and make the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina proud” said Mayor Skaka.

JU Museum of Contemporary Art Sarajevo has addressed a request to the Mayor of the City of Sarajevo to change the Decision on Development of Regulation Plan “Kvadrant C- Marijin Dvor” in order to lift the ban on construction on the lots 3362/2, 3361/4, 3369/11 and 3369/14 Novo Sarajevo I (new survey) with the aim of building the Museum of Contemporary Art Ars Aevi.

Development Planning Agency of Sarajevo Canton, as leader of development of this planning document, have issued a decision giving consent to add an amendment to the Article 11 whereby the land in question is exempted from the ban on construction
for the purpose of building the Museum.

The Museum of Contemporary Art Ars Aevi was founded in 1992 during wartime. A group of enthusiasts headed by Enver Hadžiomerspahić invited world renown artists to donate their works, as a token of solidarity with besieged Sarajevo, and in that way create a collection of the future Museum of Contemporary Arts in Sarajevo.

The unique Ars Aevi collection, consisting of 150 works donated by some of the most well known local and international artists, arrived in Sarajevo in 1999.

Today this collection is considered as one of the most important collections of contemporary arts in South East Europe. A part of the collection is exhibited in the depot of the Ars Aevi Museum in the Youth House, where the collection will be kept until the Museum building at Wilson’s Lane is completed.

The design of the Museum was made by renowned Italian architect Renzo Piano, who made the design and donated funds for development of the pedestrian bridge over Miljacka in the vicinity of the future Ars Aevi Museum.

For the past few years the Ars Aevi Museum in Sarajevo has held numerous exhibitions of acclaimed artists who have donated their works to the Museum, such as Michaelangelo Pistolleto, Joseph Kosuth, Joseph Beuys, Bizhan Bassiri, Maja Bajević, Jusuf Hadžifejzović, Jannis Kounellis.

Multi-member delegation of the City of Istanbul paid a visit to Sarajevo

Mayor of Sarajevo Abdulah Skaka and his associates received the delegation of the City of Istanbul headed by Advisor to Mayor Hüseyin Eren and member of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipal Assembly Kağan Şahin today.

The meeting was also attended by Omer Faruk Alimci, director of the Regional Office of the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA).

They discussed specific support and exchange of positive experiences between Sarajevo and its sister city Istanbul, especially when it comes to water supply, traffic, air pollution and ways of repairing, rehabilitating and protecting cultural-historic heritage.

“It is always a pleasure to welcome and talk to our friends from Istanbul. City administrations of our two cities have a very fruitful cooperation. This is an opportunity to agree on the future joint initiatives and specific projects that would contribute to the development of new and improve the existing relations” said Skaka.

Mr. Eren expressed his pleasure with the meeting in Sarajevo and said that there is an interest for establishing even stronger connections between Sarajevo and Istanbul.

Wigemark: Information Centre on the ICTY Sarajevo is important for the entire country

Head of EU Delegation to BiH and EU Special Representative to BiH Ambassador Lars Gunnar Wigemark visited today the Sarajevo Information Centre on the ICTY.

He was welcomed at the Centre, which was founded by the City of Sarajevo, by the Mayor of Sarajevo Abdulah Skaka.

President of the Mayor’s Council for the Information Centre, Ivo Komšić presented the purpose of foundation, structure, plan of activities and future projects of the Centre which has been operating as part of the City of Sarajevo since May 23 this year.

Ambassador Wigemark said that the foundation of the Centre is an important initiative that will contribute to preservation of the truth about what happened in BiH, and that its existence is therefore important for the whole country.

Wigemark said that the institutions of the European Union as well as the EU member states are continually providing support to the efforts of BiH institutions to establish the rule of law and further develop the judiciary. In that regard, the ambassador expressed his pleasure with the fact that one of the mandates of the Centre is cooperation with legal institutions, individuals and civil society in BiH.

After the meeting ended, Ambassador Wigemark had a tour of the premises of the ICS at the City Hall, including the original courtroom of the ICTY, and wrote in the book of impressions that the truth is necessary for reconciliation and future of BiH.

Great number of visitors at the stand of the City of Sarajevo at the Diplomatic Bazaar

The Diplomatic Winter Bazaar was opened today at the Mirza Delibašić sports hall KSC Skenderija, where over 70 exhibitors presented their enticing exotic food and beverage, products and handcrafts to the visitors.

The revenues from the sales are intended as aid for children and youth across Bosnia and Herzegovina.

During the opening of the Diplomatic Winter Bazaar, Mayor of Sarajevo Abdulah Skaka, stressed that all diplomatic corps in Sarajevo, all the wonderful ladies, spouses of ambassadors participating in the humane initiative “Diplomatic Winter Bazaar” have shown desire and willingness for the bazaar to continue and become a tradition in our community.

The spouse of the Mayor Majda Skaka, has participated both last year and this year. The stand of the City of Sarajevo featured traditional delicacies, and the visitors had a chance to enjoy coffee and postcards of old Sarajevo.

Sarajevo received support for organisation of Formula E race in 2020

The City of Sarajevo received the support from the Formula E top team and the best driver in the world in its candidature for the host of Formula E race in 2020.

Mayor of Sarajevo Abdulah Skaka, Jean Eric Vergne, driver of Techeetah team, Edmund Chu, team manager and Samir Cerić, manager of Sarajevo Sports International spoke at the Press Conference held in the entrance hall of the Alta Shopping Centre. Techeetah DS E-Tense FE 19 racing car which was brought from Paris for this occasion was presented to the audience.

The hosting of this race would be much more than a sport spectacle for Bosnia and Herzegovina.

It would promote economic and touristic potentials of Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina, attract new investors, and improve economic development of the whole region.
Mayor Skaka stressed that the candidature and hosting of Formula E race, as well as the preparations for the race present a great challenge, adding that that challenge will place Sarajevo next to Paris, Berlin, Hong Kong, Zurich and New York.

„For us, work on this project is an investment that would bring multiple benefits to the citizens. Formula E would promote the BiH capital, and have a great economic, sports and symbolic significance. The City of Sarajevo deserves this kind of spectacle. We have been taking concrete steps for several months with our partners to make the hosting of this race possible. The promotion of Formula E racing car and visit of our friends proves that we are going in the right direction “ said Mayor Skaka emphasizing that the local companies have shown good will and desire to participate in this project.

„From everything that I have heard and seen, Sarajevo has a potential for great business projects and we are very interested in investing into sports and technological sector. If we take into consideration how Formula E championship transformed metropolises such as New York, Hong Kong, Paris and other cities, it becomes clear what this unique platform would mean for putting Sarajevo on the global map„ said Edmund Chu, President of Techeetah team.

Jean-Eric Vergne, present Formula E champion, expressed his delight with the capital city of our country, noting that he believes that the streets of Sarajevo and the racing car would be a great match and that he would be very pleased if the streets of our capital city became one of his challenges.

Samir Cerić, CEO of Sarajevo Sports International, presented this idea and vision for Sarajevo with great confidence, in view of his present business successes and contacts, and the potential of our country and our young people. The fact that the representatives of this world competition, including the present Formula E world champion, have arrived in Sarajevo on his invitation, instil confidence in the successful implementation of this idea.


Mayors Skaka and Franković agreed on the establishment of tourist information points in Sarajevo and Dubrovnik

During the presentation “Sarajevo- the New Year’s Centre of the Region” held in Dubrovnik today, the Mayor of Sarajevo Abdulah Skaka met with his colleague Mato Franković, the Mayor of Dubrovnik.

They discussed the present successful cooperation between the friendly cities of Sarajevo and Dubrovnik and the opportunities and areas in which it can be improved.

They endorsed a joint vision of cooperation through tourist promotion of destinations in both cities. In that regard, they agreed on the establishment of information tourist points on Sarajevo in Dubrovnik and vice versa, which would open up the possibility to obtain all information about the two cities and their tourist offers in one place. In that way, we will bring our natural beauty, customs, tourist potentials, cultural events, cultural-historic sites and gastronomy closer to our citizens.

Mayor Skaka made a promise to his colleague Franković that he will support the initiative to share a part of the atmosphere of the Sarajevo Film Festival with Dubrovnik.

This was the first official visit of Mayor Skaka to Dubrovnik.

The two cities have cherished and developed friendly ties for many years and signed a Charter on Mutual Cooperation in 2007.