„The Days of Iranian Culture 2017“ opens on Monday at Sarajevo City Hall

„The Days of Iranian Culture 2017“ will open with the concert of Iranian music and the exhibition of Iranian artists on Monday, February 13th, at 19:00 hrs at the atrium of the Sarajevo City Hall.

Eight Iranian artists from the Province Isfahan will present their work at the exhibition, roundtables, workshops and concert. Until February 17, from 10:00 to 20:00 hrs, visitors will be able to see calligraphy, Iranian miniatures – one of the best well known forms of Iranian painting and wood carvings (mo’raq) and handicrafts (carvings, enamel ware, pottery, ornaments made of ivory, wood and camel bones). There will also be an exhibition of photographs of Isfahan, one of the most beautiful cities of Iran.

“The Days of Iranian Culture”, which is being held within the framework of exchanges between the two countries, IR Iran and Bosnia and Herzegovina, is organized jointly by the Iranian Cultural Centre, City of Sarajevo, Academy of Fine Arts and Music Academy, Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports and its Foundation for Music, Performing and Fine Arts.

Citizens and guests from Mostar also had a chance to see this exceptional exhibition of artists from our friendly country of Iran until February 10th.