The Mayor of the City of Sarajevo together with Deputy Mayor Ivica Šarić and the Minister of Civil Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina welcomed one of the greatest world famous contemporary artists and a great  friend of the City of Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mr. Michelangelo Pistoletto this evening in the City Hall. The reception was attended by the Ambassador of the Republic of Italy in BiH, Nicola Minasi and director of the Project Ars Aevi, Enver Hadžiomerspahić.

On this occasion, they signed the document on donation of Pistolleto’s greatest work titled LUOGO DI RACOGLIMENTO MULTIKONFESIONALE E LAICO which represents the third phase of development of Ars Aevi contemporary arts collection.

pistoletto 2

On the occasion of the visit of maestro Pistolletto, the Mayor Skaka expressed his appreciation to maestro Pistoletto for his extraordinary commitment and cooperation in the framework of the Ars Aevi Project which Sarajevo City Administration recognizes and supports as one of the leading development projects in the field of culture, in the capital of BiH.

The Minister of Civil Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mr. Adil Osmanović particularly emphasized the incentive of Mr. Michelangelo Pistoletto to take concrete steps to ensure that Ars Aevi is allocated its own space where installations by contemporary artists could be put up.

pistoletto 3

Art should be the engine of changes in the modern world, said maestro Pistoletto and expressed his pleasure at being in Sarajevo for the third time, where he will present his work Terzo paradiso, (Third Paradise) and initiate the third phase of development of the Ars Aevi Project during his three-day visit, with the aim of securing international promotion of both his work and the City of Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Maestro Pistoletto was the first artist who had donated his work La porta dello Specchio (the Door of the Mirror) for Ars Aevi Collection in 1994, as well as the first artist of the Collection to hold a highly visible individual art exhibition in Sarajevo at the Art Gallery of BiH in 2001.

pistoletto 4

During the reception at the City Hall guest from Italy welcomed by the children’s choir Sunflower.