Mayor of Sarajevo Abdulah Skaka met today with the Head of Executive Power of Baku City Mr. Eldar Azizov.

The heads of two friendly cities agreed to improve cooperation and connect not only the two city administrations but also the citizens of the two capitals.

Azizov said that he had heard a lot of positive things about Sarajevo and expressed his desire to visit the BiH capital city at the first opportunity.

During the meeting it was suggested to build a „Sarajevo Park“ in Baku and install Sarajevo Sebilj fountain as a symbol of permanent friendship considering that there is already a street of the City of Baku in Sarajevo and a Park of Friendship.

The meeting was also attended by the BiH Ambassador Bakir Sadović, Head of Office for Cabinet Affairs Ensar Eminović and President of the Mayor’s Council for the ICTY Ivo Komšić.

Sarajevo and Baku have been friendly cities since 1972. Mayor of Sarajevo is attending the Baku Forum in Azerbaijan on the topic „New Foreign Policy“.